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1Monographie  Editio princeps: a history of the Gutenberg bible
White, Eric Marshall. - Turnhout (2017)

2Monographie  Hugo van der Goes and the art of imitation in early Netherlandish painting
White, Eric Marshall. - [Boston University] (1995)

3Articles  New light on the histories of Albrecht Pfister's Bamberg picture books of the 1460s
White, Eric Marshall. (2022) - In: Jahrbuch für Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte vol. 7 (2022) p. 7-44

4Essay  Binding Waste as Book History. Patterns of Survival Among the Early Mainz Donatus Editions
White, Eric Marshall. (2020) - In: Printing revolution 1450-1500 p. 253-278

5Articles  A new chronology for the eighteenth-century rediscovery of Gutenberg's 42-line bible
White, Eric Marshall. (2018) - In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 93 (2018) p. 15-28

6Articles  The Bad Wildungen fragments of the 36-line bible in context
White, Eric Marshall. (2018) - In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 93 (2018) p. 79-91

7Articles  A Rediscovered Dutch Translation of Luther's 'Great Confession' (1528)
White, Eric Marshall. (2012) - In: Quaerendo vol. 42 (2012) p. 2-20

8Articles  A forgotten Gutenberg Bible from the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos
White, Eric Marshall. (2012) - In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 87 (2012) p. 25-30

9Essay  The Gutenberg Bibles that Survive as Binder's Waste
White, Eric Marshall. (2010) - In: Early printed books as material objects p. 21-38

10Essay  The Woodcuts in Breydenbach's Peregrinatio and the Limits of Fifteenth-Century Empiricism
White, Eric Marshall. (2009) - In: Seven perspectives on the woodcut p. ??

11Articles  Newly discovered fragments from three 'made up' Delft bibles of 1477.
White, Eric Marshall. (2007) - In: Tijdschrift voor rechtsgeschiedenis vol. 37 (2007) p. 147-161

12Articles  Three books donated by Adolf Rusch to the Carthusians at Basel.
White, Eric Marshall. (2006) - In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 81 (2006) p. 231-235

13Articles  Long Lost Leaves from Gutenberg's Mons-Trier II Bible
White, Eric Marshall. (2002) - In: Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 77 (2002) p. 19-36

14Essay  Rogier van der Weyden, Hugo van der Goes, and the making of the Netherlandish St. Luke tradition
White, Eric Marshall. (1997) - In: Rogier van der Weyden, "St. Luke Drawing the Virgin" p. 39-48

15Articles  Albrecht Altdorfer's botanical attribute for Saint John the Baptist
White, Eric Marshall. (1996) - In: Source. Notes in the history of art vol. 15, 2 (1996) p. 15-21

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