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1Collection of Essays  Litigating women: gender and justice in Europe, c.1300-c.1800
Phipps, TeresaYoungs, Deborah [Publ.]. - Abingdon (2022)

2Monographie  Humphrey Newton (1466 - 1536): an early Tudor gentleman
Youngs, Deborah. - Woodbridge (2008)

3Monographie  The life cycle in Western Europe, c. 1300 - c. 1500
Youngs, Deborah. - Manchester (2006)

4Essay  Women in the Small-Town Economy of Medieval Wales and Prussia
Girsztowt, AleksandraYoungs, Deborah. (2022) - In: Towns on the edge in medieval Europe. The social and political order of peripheral urban communities from the twelfth to sixtee. p. 73-89

5Essay  "In to the sterre chambre": female plaintiffs before the king's council in the reign of Henry VII
Youngs, Deborah. (2020) - In: Finding Individuality p. 129-144

6Articles  'At HIR Owne Discrecion': Women and Will-Making In Late Medieval and Early Tudor Wales
Youngs, Deborah. (2019) - In: Welsh History Review vol. 29 (2019) p. 408-435

7Articles  "A Besy Woman … and Full of Lawe": Female Litigants in Early Tudor Star Chamber
Youngs, Deborah. (2019) - In: Journal of British Studies vol. 58 (2019) p. 735-750

8Essay  'A vice commin in Wales': abduction, prejudice and the search for justice in the regional and central courts of early Tudor society
Youngs, Deborah. (2018) - In: The Welsh and the medieval world. Travel, migration and exile p. 131-153

9Essay  Entertainment Networks, Reading Communities, and the Early Tudor Anthology: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson C. 813
Youngs, Deborah. (2015) - In: Insular books. Vernacular manuscript miscellanies in late Medieval Britain p. 231-246

10Essay  Adulthood in Medieval Europe: The Prime of Life or Midlife Crisis?
Youngs, Deborah. (2013) - In: Medieval life cycles. Continuity and change p. 239-264

11Essay  'She Hym Fresshely Folowed and Pursued': Women and Star Chamber in Early Tudor Wales
Youngs, Deborah. (2013) - In: Women, agency and the law 1300 - 1700 p. 73-86

12Essay  The townswomen of Wales: singlewomen, work and service, c.1300-c.1550
Youngs, Deborah. (2012) - In: Urban culture in medieval Wales p. 163-182

13Articles  The Letter-Book of Henry, Lord Stafford (1501-63)
Youngs, Deborah. (2012) - In: Collections for a History of Staffordshire Ser. 4, vol. 25 (2012) p. ??

14Essay  Life Cycle
Youngs, Deborah. (2010) - In: A cultural history of childhood and family in the Middle Ages p. 109-126

15Articles  'For the Preferement of their Marriage and Bringing Upp in their Youth': The Education and Training of Young Welshwomen, c.1450-c.1550
Youngs, Deborah. (2010) - In: Welsh History Review vol. 25 (2010) p. 463-485

16Essay  Cultural networks
Youngs, Deborah. (2005) - In: Gentry culture in late-medieval England p. 118-132

17Essay  House-Hunting and Home-Making in Sixteenth-Century England: the Case of Henry, Lord Stafford (1501-1563)
Youngs, Deborah. (2005) - In: Essays Ralph A. Griffiths (2005) p. 167-184

18Essay  A spiritual community among Cheshire gentry
Youngs, Deborah. (2005) - In: Essays Colin Richmond p. 76-87

19Essay  Demonizing the Night in Medieval Europe: A Temporal Monstrosity?
Youngs, DeborahHarris, S.. (2003) - In: The monstrous Middle Ages p. 134-154

20Articles  The Medieval Commonplace Book: the example of the Commonplace Book of Humphrey Newton of Newton and Pownall, Cheshire (1466-1536)
Youngs, Deborah. (2000) - In: Archives (London) vol. 25 (2000) p. 58-73

21Articles  Estate management, investment and the gentleman landlord in later medieval England
Youngs, Deborah. (2000) - In: Historical Research vol. 73 (2000) p. 124-141

22Articles  The Parson's Tale: a newly discovered fragment.
Youngs, Deborah. (1999) - In: The Chaucer review vol. 34 (1999) p. 207-216

23Articles  Servants and labourers on a late medieval demesne: the case of Newton, Cheshire, 1498-1520
Youngs, Deborah. (1999) - In: The agricultural history review vol. 47 (1999) p. 145-190

24Articles  Vision in a trance: a fifteenth-century vision of purgatory
Youngs, Deborah. (1998) - In: Medium aevum vol. 67 (1998) p. 212-226

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