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Language: Englisch. Title Words: Francia

1Essay  Domina et Fidelibus Eius: Elite Households in Tenth-Century Francia and Anglo-Saxon England
Welton, Megan. (2018) - In: Royal and elite households in medieval and early modern Europe p. 15-41

2Articles  Family Continuity and Territorial Power in Early Medieval West Francia. A Reconsideration of the 'House' of Vermandois (9th-10th Centuries)
Lisson, Jelle. (2018) - In: Journal of Family History vol. 20 (2018) p. 1-20

3Articles  The continuation of the Alexandrian Easter table in seventh-century Iberia and its transmission to ninth-century Francia (Isidore, Etymologiae 6.17)
Warntjes, Immo. (2018) - In: Revue d'histoire des textes vol. 13 (2018) p. 185-194

4Essay  The episcopate as etbtios: Strategies of distinction and episcopal identity in Merovingian Francia
Devries, Kirsten M.. (2017) - In: Essays Barbara H. Rosenwein p. 143-159

5Essay  The Political Context of Irish Monasticism in Seventh-Century Francia Another Look at the Sources
Fox, Yaniv. (2016) - In: The Irish in Early Medieval Europe. Identity, Culture and Religion p. 53-67

6Essay  After Rome, before Francia: religion, ethnicity, and identity politics in Gregory of Tours' Ten Books of Histories
Reimitz, Helmut. (2016) - In: Making early medieval societies p. 58-79

7Essay  Frankish Kingship, Political Exegesis and the Ghost of Charlemagne in the Diplomas of King Philip I of Francia
Gabriele, Matthew. (2016) - In: The Charlemagne Legend in Medieval Latin Texts p. 9-32

8Essay  Ideal and reality: Carolingian priests in northern Francia
Mériaux, Charles. (2016) - In: Men in the Middle. Local priests in early medieval Europe p. 78-97

9Essay  Francia Media and the Southeast of Europe Dossier "Visual Arts" - Westwork and Rural Romanesque.
Goss, Vladimir Peter. (2015) - In: Swords, crowns, censers and books p. 403-416

10Essay  Baptized but not converted: the Vikings in tenth-century Francia
Walsh, Christine. (2015) - In: Christianity and religious plurality p. 67-79

11Essay  Francia Media - Introduction
McKitterick, Rosamond. (2015) - In: Swords, crowns, censers and books p. 21-52

12Articles  The "king of Francia" in De cerimoniis II, 48
Komatina, Predrag. (2015) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift vol. 108 (2015) p. 157-168

13Articles  Lordship in Ninth-Century Francia: The Case of Bishop Hincmar of Laon and his Followers
West, Charles. (2015) - In: Past and Present vol. 226 (2015) p. 3-40

14Essay  Francia Media - Uncovering an Instructive Past for Europe.
Callebaut, Dirk. (2015) - In: Swords, crowns, censers and books p. 9-20

15Collection of Essays  Swords, crowns, censers and books: Francia Media: cradles of European culture
Vicelja, Marina [Publ.]. - Rijeka (2015)

16Essay  Domum immundam a perversis violata mundavit. Viking Defilement in Early Medieval Francia
Bley, Matthias. (2015) - In: Discourses of purity in transcultural perspective (300-1600) p. 203-239

17Monographie  Ethnicity in Viking age England and Francia
Cross, Katherine. - [University of London] (2014)

18Essay  Between Rome and Jarrour. papal relations with Francia and England, from 597 to 716
Wood, Ian N.. (2014) - In: Chiese locali e chiese regionali nell'alto medioevo p. 297-318

19Monographie  Religious women in early Carolingian Francia: a study of manuscript transmission and monastic culture
Lifshitz, Felice. - New York (2014)

20Essay  The Rolls of the Dead and the Intellectual Revival of the Twelfth Century in Francia and Italy
Witt, Ronald G.. (2014) - In: Essays Charles E. Fantazzi p. 49-60

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 108