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1Essay  Conversion, Things, and Viking Kings
Riisøy, Anne Irene. (2018) - In: Aspects of royal power in medieval Scandinavia p. 13-26

2Essay  When the Dead No Longer Rest: The Religious Significance of Revenants in Sagas set in Viking Age Settlements Around the Time of Conversion
Baier, KatharinaSchäfke, Werner (Philologe). (2016) - In: Death in the Middle Ages and Early Modern p. 131-154

3Essay  Conversion and Cultural Change: Burial Paradigms in Viking Age Iceland
Vésteinsson, Orri. (2016) - In: The Introduction of Christianity into the Early Medieval Insular World. Converting the Isles 1 p. 321-348

4Collection of Essays  Conversion and identity in the Viking age
Garipzanov, Ildar H. [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2014)

5Essay  Introduction: Networks of Conversion, Cultural Osmosis, and Identities in the Viking Age
Garipzanov, Ildar H.. (2014) - In: Conversion and identity in the Viking age p. 1-19

6Essay  Conversion and Identity in the Viking-Age North: Some Afterthoughts
Viðar Sigurðsson, Jón. (2014) - In: Conversion and identity in the Viking age p. 225-243

7Essay  The Conversion of the Viking Settlers in the Isle of Man
Wilson, David Mackenzie. (2014) - In: Conversion and identity in the Viking age p. 117-138

8Essay  Conversion and the Church in Viking-Age Ireland
Abrams, Lesley J.. (2010) - In: The Viking age. Ireland and the West p. 1-10

9Essay  Crosses and Conversion: The Iconography of the Coinage of Viking York ca. 900
Blackburn, Mark A. S.. (2008) - In: Studies George Hardin Brown p. 172-202

10Essay  Conversion and the Church in the Hebrides in the Viking Age: "A Very Difficult Thing Indeed"
Abrams, Lesley J.. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford p. 169-193

11Essay  Aristocratic burial in late Viking Age Denmark. Custom, regionality, conversion
Roesdahl, Else. (2006) - In: Herrschaft - Tod - Bestattung. Zu den vor- und frühgeschichtlichen Prunkgräbern p. 169-183

12Essay  La conversion du viking: l'image du guerrier païen dans les sagas islandaises
Tulinius, Torfi H.. (2005) - In: Les Vikings, premiers Européens p. 233-251

13Essay  Christian and pagan practice during the conversion of Viking age Orkney and Shetland
Barrett, James Harold. (2003) - In: The cross goes north p. 207-226

14Monographie  Kingship and conversion: constructing pre-Viking Mercia
Tyler, Damian J.. - [University of Manchester] (2002)

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