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1Essay  Formosus and the ‘Synod of the Corpse ’ Tenth Century Rome in History and Memory
Barritt, David. (2022) - In: Conflict and Violence in Medieval Italy 568-1154 p. 185-204

2Essay  Crafts, coins and trade (900-1300)
Adamczyk, Dariusz. (2022) - In: The Routledge handbook of East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1300 p. 227-244

3Articles  Einhardian geography and the tenth-century Abodrites
Halsted, Chris. (2022) - In: Early medieval Europe vol. 30 (2022) p. 236-265

4Monographie  Forgeries and historical writing in England, France, and Flanders, 900-1200
Berkhofer, Robert F.. - Martlesham (2022)

5Articles  Bird exploitation in Viljandi (Estonia) from the Late Iron Age to the early modern period (c. 950–1700)
Ehrlich, FreydisRannamäe, EveValk, Heiki. (2022) - In: Quaternary international vol. 626/627 (2022) p. 95-105

6Essay  Canon Law in the Long Tenth Century, 900-1050
Austin, Greta G.. (2022) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law p. 46-61

7Monographie  Articulating the Hijaba: Cultural Patronage and Political Legitimacy in al-Andalus: The Amirid Regency c. 970-1010 AD
Rosser-Owen, Mariam S. A.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

8Essay  A Greek gospel of Luke for the arabophone: Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, suppl. gr. 911
Høgel, Christian. (2022) - In: Medieval multilingual manuscripts. Case studies from Ireland to Japan p. 151-162

9Collection of Essays  Rewriting history in the Central Middle Ages, 900-1300
Winkler, Emily A.Lewis, Christopher P. [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

10Essay  The Fortification Wall at Selime and Community Identity in the Peristrema Valley, Cappadocia, (Tenth–Eleventh Centuries)
Kalas, Veronica G.. (2021) - In: Space and Communities in Byzantine Anatolia p. 377-398

11Essay  The distinctiveness of syntax for varieties of post-classical and Byzantine Greek: Linguistic upgrading from the third Century BCE to the tenth Century CE
Bentein, Klaas. (2021) - In: Varieties of Post-classical and Byzantine Greek p. 381-414

12Articles  Integrating Genetic, Archaeological, and Historical Perspectives on Eastern Central Europe, 400–900 AD: Brief Description of the ERC Synergy Grant – HistoGenes 856453
Pohl, WalterKrause, JohannesVida, TivadarGeary, Patrick Joseph. (2021) - In: Historical Studies on Central Europe vol. 1, 1 (2021) p. 213-228

13Sachtitel  Böhmer, J. F., Regesta Imperii I. Die Regesten des Kaiserreichs unter den Karolingern 751-918 (926/962). Bd. 4. Papstregesten, 800-911. Tl. 2. 844-872, Lfg. 3. 867-872 (Hadrian II.) und Gesamtregister
Herbers, Klaus [Ed.]. - Köln [u.a.] (2021)

14Monographie  Medieval English Benedictine liturgy: studies in the formation, structure, and content of the monastic votive office, c. 950-1540
Harper, Sally. - London (2021)

15Articles  Oswald of Worcester and the Lost Ideologies of Tenth-Century Anglo-Saxon Monastic Reform
Kearns, Thomas. (2021) - In: Revue bénédictine vol. 131 (2021) p. 407-427

16Collection of Essays  Historiographie der Grenzwelten. Thietmar von Merseburg (975/6-01.12.1018)
Jäckel, Dirk [Publ.]. - Berlin (2021)

17Articles  Abnormal Tooth Wear Caused by Tool Use Found in the Cemetery of Szalaszend, Hungary, Dated to the Period of the Hungarian Conquest (10th c.)
Mateovics-László, OrsolyaLíbor, Csilla. (2021) - In: Hungarian Archaeology vol. 10, 1 (2021) p. 22-29

18Essay  Un détournement des codes de l'itinerance carolingienne: les deplacements surveillés de Charles le Simple (927-929)
Gravel, Martin. (2021) - In: L'itinérance de la cour en France et en Europe. Moyen Age-XIXe siècle p. 55-70

19Essay  De premonstratenzer orde aan de vooravond van haar 900-jarig jubileum
Wouters, Jos. (2021) - In: Als de bliksem. 900 jaar norbertijnen en norbertinessen p. 6-9

20Articles  Good men gone bad? Resistance to monastic reform in the tenth and eleventh centuries
Borg, Magnus. (2021) - In: Early medieval Europe vol. 29 (2021) p. 366-393

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 25268