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1Monographie  Against the backdrop of sovereignty and absolutism: the theology of God's power and its bearing on the Western legal tradition, 1100-1600
Traversino, Massimiliano. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

2Articles  Der Wendenkreuzzug von 1147 - neue Siedler im Havelland: Teil1: Elb-Havel-Winkel
Bleis, Wolfram. (2022) - In: Rathenower Heimatkalender vol. 66 (2022) p. 36-45

3Essay  Gentry Lives in Three Realms: A View from the Anglo-Scottish Borders and Upper Normandy (c. 1170-c. 1350)
Stringer, Keith John. (2022) - In: Essays Alexander Grant p. 101-159

4Essay  Rewriting English History for a High Medieval Republic of Letters: Henry of Huntingdon, William of Malmesbury, and the Renaissance of the Twelfth Century
Tahkokallio, Jaakko. (2022) - In: Rewriting history in the Central Middle Ages, 900-1300 p. 169-194

5Monographie  Women in the Piast dynasty: a comparative study of Piast wives and daughters (c. 965-c.1144)
Pac, Grzegorz. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

6Monographie  Brittany and the Atlantic Archipelago, 450-1200: contact, myth and history
Brett, Caroline J.Edmonds, Fiona L.Russell, Paul. - Cambridge (2022)

7Collection of Essays  Folklore, magic, and witchcraft: cultural exchanges from the twelfth to eighteenth century
Montesano, Marina [Publ.]. - London (2022)

8Monographie  Forgeries and historical writing in England, France, and Flanders, 900-1200
Berkhofer, Robert F.. - Martlesham (2022)

9Articles  Botschaft aus dem Mittelalter: im Stadtarchiv Leipzig wurde eine 1200 Jahre alte Handschrift entdeckt. Ein Besuch des Verwaltungsbaus für die Ewigkeit
Prüwer, Tobias. (2022) - In: Kreuzer , 1 (2022) p. 32-33

10Articles  Remembering Outremer in the West: The Secunda pars historiae Iherosolimitane and the Crisis of Crusading in Mid-twelfth-century France
Buck, Andrew D.. (2022) - In: Speculum vol. 97 (2022) p. 377-414

11Essay  Local Knowledge of Canon Law, c. 1150-1250
Perron, Anthony. (2022) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law p. 285-298

12Monographie  Komplementarität der Leidenschaften: Die Lehre von den affektiven Tugenden im Speculum universale des Radulfus Ardens (gestorben um 1200)
Janotta, Tobias. - Berlin [u.a.] (2022)

13Collection of Essays  Women and violence in the late medieval Mediterranean, ca. 1100-1500
Zanetti Domingues, Lidia LuisaCaravaggi, LorenzoPaoletti, Giulia [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2022)

14Collection of Essays  Using Concepts in Medieval History: Perspectives on Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500
Armstrong, Jackson W.Crooks, PeterRuddick, Andrea [Publ.]. - Basingstoke (2022)

15Monographie  Baldwin of Bourcq: Count of Edessa and King of Jerusalem (1100-1131)
Murray, Alan V.. - London [u.a.] (2022)

16Monographie  International law in Europe, 700-1200
Benham, Jenny. - Manchester (2022)

17Monographie  From the Cloister to the state: Fontevraud and the making of Bourbon France, 1100-1642
Müller, Annalena. - London [u.a.] (2022)

18Articles  Middle and Late Byzantine sigilliographic evidence from western Anatolia: eighth- to early twelfth-century lead seals from Bergama (ancient Pergamon)
Lafli, ErgünSeibt, W.Caglayan, D.. (2022) - In: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies vol. 46 (2022) p. 1-23

19Monographie  Le beau XIIIe siècle: 1180-1270: royaume de France, empire allemand et Italie
Septsault-Gouéllain, Marie-Luce. - Neuilly (2022)

20Essay  Canon Law in a Time of Renewal, 1130-1234
Winroth, Anders. (2022) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law p. 96-107

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 62381