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1Monographie  Zwischen geistlichen Aufgaben und weltlichen Herausforderungen: die Handlungsspielräume der Mindener Bischöfe von 1250 bis 1500
Schnack, Frederieke Maria. - Ostfildern (2022)

2Articles  Urban protest in thirteenth-century north-western Europe: a comparative approach
Bervoets, LeenDumolyn, Jan. (2022) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 48 (2022) p. 75-102

3Collection of Essays  Evolutions of Capitalism: Historical Perspectives, 1200-2000
Casson, CatherineRössner, Philipp Robinson [Publ.]. - Bristol (2022)

4Essay  Home and ‘away': neighbours and strangers in the urban communities of Southern Italy at the start of the thirteenth century
Skinner, Patricia. (2022) - In: The experience of neighbourhood in medieval and early modern Europe p. 15-29

5Essay  Local Knowledge of Canon Law, c. 1150-1250
Perron, Anthony. (2022) - In: The Cambridge History of Medieval Canon Law p. 285-298

6Articles  Lost and Bound: A Thirteenth-Century Manuscript of the Vie d'Isabelle de France by Agnes of Harcourt
Ingallinella, Laura. (2022) - In: Revue Mabillon vol. 32 (2022) p. 133-155

7Essay  Crafts, coins and trade (900-1300)
Adamczyk, Dariusz. (2022) - In: The Routledge handbook of East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1300 p. 227-244

8Collection of Essays  Inquisition and knowledge, 1200-1700
Biller, PeterSackville, Lucy J. [Publ.]. - York (2022)

9Collection of Essays  Rewriting history in the Central Middle Ages, 900-1300
Winkler, Emily A.Lewis, Christopher P. [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

10Essay  The Teutonic Order and its Networks at the Papal Curia in the Thirteenth Century
Bombi, Barbara. (2022) - In: Akkon - Venedig - Marienburg. Mobilität und Immobilität im Deutschen Orden p. 70-86

11Articles  Freising und Innichen. Beziehungen zwischen dem Bistum Freising und dem Kloster Innichen bis 1300
Wochesländer, Peter. (2022) - In: Amperland vol. 58 (2022) p. 1-4

12Articles  Gebet und Fürbitte: Stiftungsurkunde für das Kloster Börstel (1250)
Pabst, WilfriedPointke, Johanna. (2022) - In: Osnabrücker Land. Heimat-Jahrbuch (2022) p. 106-110

13Articles  Olivi on the Hebrew Bible and the Jews: Scholastic Texts from Languedoc in the 1290s
Marmursztejn, Elsa. (2022) - In: Speculum vol. 97 (2022) p. 77-111

14Essay  From Knights Errant to Disloyal Soldiers? The Criminalisation of Foreign Military Service in the Late Medieval Meuse and Rhine Regions, 1250-1550
Govaerts, Sander. (2022) - In: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe p. 177-198

15Collection of Essays  The Routledge handbook of East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1300
Curta, Florin [Publ.]. - London (2022)

16Essay  Saint Francis of Assisi and Franciscan Saints in Italian Preaching: From the Thirteenth to the Beginning of the Fourteenth Century
Vauchez, André. (2022) - In: Studies Rosalind B. Brooke p. 285-309

17Essay  Who was Francis in the Thirteenth Century? An Iconographical Inquiry
Cook, William Robert. (2022) - In: Studies Rosalind B. Brooke p. 340-363

18Essay  Tearing Christ's Seamless Tunic? The ‘Eastern Schism' and Crusades against the Greeks in the Thirteenth Century
Chrissis, Nikolaos G.. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 229-250

19Essay  Between Schism and Union: Rus Adversaries and Allies of the Crusaders in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Selart, Anti. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 251-266

20Essay  Fighting the ‘Eastern Plague': Anti-Mongol Crusade Ventures in the Thirteenth Century
Srodecki, Paul. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 303-327

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 99978