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1Monographie  Medieval Arms and Armour: The Fourteenth Century
Moffat, Ralph. - Woodbridge (2022)

2Essay  Shared Small Sources for Two Early Fourteenth-Century Metz Chansonniers?
Leach, Elizabeth Eva. (2022) - In: A Medieval Songbook. Trouvère MS C p. 121-145

3Monographie  Erfahrung der Zeit: 1350-1600
Kiening, Christian. - Göttingen (2022)

4Collection of Essays  Religious practices and everyday life in the long fifteenth century (1350-1570): Interpreting changes and changes of interpretation
Johnson, Ian RichardRodrigues de Oliveira, Ana Maria [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

5Articles  Able bodies: the organisation of labour and health, 1300-1600:: a research agenda
Weeda, Claire. (2022) - In: Quaestiones medii aevi novae vol. 26 (2022) p. 271-292

6Monographie  Barbara of Cilli (1392-1451): a Hungarian, Holy Roman, and Bohemian queen
Dvoráková, Daniela. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

7Articles  Fuentes para el estudio de la desigualdad en la Cataluña bajomedieval: los registros de tallas de la ciudad de Gerona a examen (c. 1360-c. 1540)
Reixach Sala, Albert. (2022) - In: Espacio, Tiempo y Forma 3 vol. 35 (2022) p. 561-596

8Essay  The art of power: the confraternity of Santa Marta in Naples during the reign of the Angiò-Durazzo (1381-1425).
Mocciola, Luciana. (2022) - In: Confraternities in Southern Italy. Art, politics, and religion (1100-1800) p. 103-135

9Articles  The Charism of Care of the Order of St John and Female Monasticism: The Convent of Bargota (Kingdom of Navarre) in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Dulska, Anna Katarzyna. (2022) - In: Church history and religious culture vol. 102 (2022) p. 1-22

10Essay  Between Schism and Union: Rus Adversaries and Allies of the Crusaders in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Selart, Anti. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 251-266

11Essay  Cross-Cultural and Transcultural Entanglement and Visual Culture in Eastern Europe, ca. 1300-1550
Erdeljan, Jelena. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 29-56

12Essay  Pro or Contra Filioque? Trinitarian Synthronoi Images at the Crossroads of the Catholic West and the Orthodox East (ca. 1300-1500)
Kríza, Ágnes. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 157-178

13Essay  Marginal Might? The Role of Lordships in the Territorial Integrity of Guelders, c. 1325-c. 1575
Meulen, Jim van der. (2022) - In: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe p. 117-138

14Articles  Framing Mediterranean Famine: Food Crisis in Fourteenth-Century Barcelona
Franklin-Lyons, AdamKelleher, Marie A.. (2022) - In: Speculum vol. 97 (2022) p. 40-76

15Essay  Saint Ninian, war and the Lordship of Galloway: The fourteenth century miracle stories in the Scottish Legendary
Boardman, Stephen I.. (2022) - In: Essays Alexander Grant p. 233-258

16Collection of Essays  Byzantine Texts on Art and Aesthetics. From the Komnenoi to the Early Palaiologoi (1081-ca. 1330),
Spingou, FoteiniBarber, Ch. [Publ.]. - Cambridge (2022)

17Monographie  Spectres of John Ball: the Peasants' Revolt in English political history, 1381-2020
Crossley, James G.. - Sheffield [u.a.] (2022)

18Essay  Wie finanziert man eine fürstliche Braut?: eine Enquete-Kommission am oberen Neckar um 1400
Widder, Ellen. (2022) - In: FS Barbara Scholkmann (2022) p. 329-353

19Articles  The trade fair network in Apulia during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Petracca, Luciana. (2022) - In: Historical Research vol. 95 (2022) p. 1-18

20Collection of Essays  Litigating women: gender and justice in Europe, c.1300-c.1800
Phipps, TeresaYoungs, Deborah [Publ.]. - Abingdon (2022)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 107491