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1Essay  To Be, or Not to Be Sterile: Tliat Is a Question of Well-being in Byzantine Medical Discourse of the Sixth Century AD
Groff, Elisa. (2024) - In: Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity. New conversations for health humanities p. 67-83

2Monographie  Early Christianity in Macedonia: from Paul to the late sixth century
Ogereau, Julien M.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2024)

3Articles  Tappi fittili da Ibida in Scythia Minor (V-VI sec.): riflessioni su una tipologia poco nota dell'instrumentum inscriptum
Ibba, Antonio. (2024) - In: Classica & Christiana vol. 19 (2024) p. 267-296

4Collection of Essays  The Routledge Handbook of the Byzantine City: From Justinian to Mehmet II (ca. 500 - ca.1500)
Bakirtzis, NikolasZavagno, Luca [Publ.]. - London (2024)

5Articles  The fabric of creation: theories of place and space in sixth to ninth-century Byzantine philosophy
Kunitz-Dick, Alisa. (2024) - In: British journal for the history of philosophy vol. 32 (2024) p. 22-44

6Essay  Des premiers ducs attestés aux VIe-VIIIe siècles dans le sud-ouest de la Gaule
Boyer, Jean-François. (2023) - In: Die Dukate des Merowingerreiches. Archäologie und Geschichte in vergleichender Perspektive p. 173-198

7Essay  Les Francs, la papauté, Rome, VIe-VIIe siècles
Bougard, François. (2023) - In: I Franchi (2023) p. 607-648

8Articles  La tradición musical antigua en autores latinos de los siglos VI-VII
Garrido Domené, FuensantaAguirre Quintero, Felipe. (2023) - In: Vínculos de Historia vol. 12 (2023) p. 222-237

9Articles  Genre, agentivité et classe sociale dans les monastères féminins du haut Moyen Âge (VIe-Xe siècles)
Audebrand, Justine. (2023) - In: Hypothèses vol. 24 (2023) p. 189-198

10Articles  Qui sont les " rustres " dans la Gaule du VIe siècle ? De quelques mots-clés de Grégoire de Tours
Piétri, Luce. (2023) - In: Revue du Nord vol. 105 (2023) p. 523-534

11Monographie  Early Christianity in Athens, Attica, and adjacent areas: from Paul to Justinian I (1st-6th cent. AD)
Breytenbach, CilliersTzavella, Elli. - Leiden [u.a.] (2023)

12Essay  The Cult of Saints in Constantinople (Sixth-Twelfth Century). Some Observations
Efthymiadis, Stephanos. (2023) - In: Interacting with saints in the Late Antique and medieval worlds p. 161-180

13Articles  Piyyut, Mishnah and Rabbinization in the Sixth to Eighth Centuries
Landes, Yitz. (2023) - In: Jewish studies quarterly vol. 30 (2023) p. 28-47

14Essay  IXTEEN ‘The Calligrapher is An Ape!' Arabic Epigrams on Pen Boxes (Sixth/ Twelfth-Ninth/Fifteenth Centuries)
Bauden, Frédéric. (2023) - In: Inscriptions of the medieval Islamic world p. 436-534

15Articles  Use and aesthetics of Iasian marble in presbyteries of the 6th century
Peirano, Diego. (2023) - In: Polish archaeology in the mediterranean vol. 32, 1 (2023) p. 105-121

16Articles  Guerre et genèse des frontières ouest-saxonnes du VIe siècle d'après la Chronique anglo-saxonne (IXe siècle)
Lavelle, Ryan. (2023) - In: Médiévales vol. 84 (2023) p. 101-120

17Collection of Essays  Cyprus in the long late antiquity: history and archaeology between the sixth and eighth centuries
Panayides, PanayiotisJacobs, I. [Publ.]. - Oxford (2023)

18Essay  Constructing New Leaders: Bishops in Visigothic Hispania Tarraconensis (Fifth to Seventh Centuries)
Pérez Martínez, Meritxell. (2023) - In: Leadership, Social Cohesion, and Identity in Late Antique Spain and Gaul (500-700) p. 131-158

19Essay  The Coastal ager Rusellanus between the Fourth and Sixth Centuries ad
Chirico, ElenaSebastiani, Alessandro. (2023) - In: Archaeological landscapes of Late Antique and Early Medieval Tuscia. Research and field papers p. 88-105

20Essay  Tongues on a Golden Mouth: The Transition from Scholia to Florilegia as Evidenced in a Sixth-Century Syriac Chrysostom Manuscript
Moss, Yonathan. (2023) - In: Florilegia Syriaca. Mapping a knowledge-organizing practice in the Syriac world p. 74-131

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 11448