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1Articles  The Concept of Muhajirun – and Its Potential Significance for the Piety of the Seventh-Century Quranic Movement
Mortensen, Mette Bjerregaard. (2022) - In: Studia Islamica vol. 117 (2022) p. 1-37

2Collection of Essays  Slavery in the late antique world, 150-700 CE
De Wet, Chris L.Kahlos, MaijastinaVuolanto, Ville [Publ.]. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2022)

3Essay  Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Lombard Italy (c. 600-700)
Berndt, Guido M.. (2022) - In: Conflict and Violence in Medieval Italy 568-1154 p. 87-116

4Essay  Religion and Latin Western Europe, 600-1500
Koziol, Geoffrey Granter. (2022) - In: The Oxford handbook of religion and Europe p. 38-59

5Essay  The visualisation of God's flesh: defending the indefensible in Byzantine art c. 690-890
Michael, Georgia. (2021) - In: Religion and conflict in medieval and early modern worlds. Identities, communities and authorities p. 51-76

6Essay  Soldier and civilian in the Byzantine Empire c. 600-c. 900: a militarised society?
Rance, Philip. (2021) - In: Early medieval militarisation p. 31-47

7Essay  Byzantium and Islam in Southern Italy (7th-11th Century)
Nef, Annliese. (2021) - In: A Companion to Byzantine Italy p. 200-224

8Monographie  The Language of Jewellery: Dress-accessories and Negotiations of Identity in Scandinavia, c. AD 400-650/70
Røstad, Ingunn Marit. - Oslo (2021)

9Monographie  L'Europe face à l'Islam: histoire croisée de deux civilisations: VIIe-XXe siècle
Hanne, Olivier. - Paris (2021)

10Articles  Valerius of Bierzo as an interpreter of the seventh-century ecclesiastical environment of northwestern Iberia
Diniz, Lilian Regina Gonçalves. (2021) - In: Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies vol. 13 (2021) p. 145-163

11Monographie  Révolutions islamiques: Émergences de l'Islam en Méditerranée (VIIe-Xe siècle)
Nef, Annliese. - Roma (2021)

12Articles  L'oubli des origines du premier " duché " d'Aquitaine au VIIe siècle
Bellarbre, Julien. (2021) - In: E-Spania vol. 38 (2021)

13Essay  A Winter Sea? Exchange and Power at the Ebbing of the Adriatic Connection 600-800
Borri, Francesco. (2021) - In: Byzantium, Venice and the medieval Adriatic p. 83-97

14Articles  The cosmopolitan borderland: western Ethiopia c. AD 600-1800
González-Ruibal, Alfredo. (2021) - In: Antiquity. A quarterly review of archaeology vol. 95 (2021) p. 530-548

15Essay  (Re-)Founding Christian Rome: the Honorian project of the early seventh century.
Trout, Dennis E.. (2021) - In: Urban developments in late antique and medieval Rome p. 149-175

16Articles  On the Roman-Byzantine adoption of the stirrup once more: a new find from seventh-century Aphrodisias
Penn, TimRussell, BenWilson, Andrew. (2021) - In: Anatolian studies vol. 71 (2021) p. 129-139

17Essay  Respecting the cross: praying with coins in mid-seventh century Constantinople
Woods, David. (2021) - In: Studia patristica 104 p. 105-114

18Essay  Between Topography, Archaeology, and History: Considerations for a Diachronie Synthesis of the Villa at Aiano (San Gimignano) between the Fourth and the Seventh Centuries AD
Cavalieri, Marco. (2021) - In: Archaeological landscapes of Roman Etruria p. 67-78

19Collection of Essays  Les Berbères entre Maghreb et Mashreq (VIIe-XVe siècle)
Valérian, Dominique [Publ.]. - Madrid (2021)

20Articles  Free Market, Black Market or No Market? Money and Annona in the Northeastern Balkans (Sixth to Seventh Century)
Gândila, Andrei. (2021) - In: Journal of late antiquity vol. 14 (2021) p. 294-334

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 10177