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1Essay  Rulership and Governance of Medieval Bulgaria: Seventh to Fifteenth Centuries
Petkov, Kiril. (2024) - In: How medieval Europe was ruled p. 223-240

2Articles  Family Ties between Muslim Men and High-Status Non-Muslim Women (Seventh-Ninth c. CE)
Sahner, Christian C.. (2024) - In: Medieval encounters vol. 30 (2024) p. 302-329

3Essay  Functional, spiritual or aesthetic? Investigating reuse in high-status 7th-century necklace pendants from early medieval England
English, Rowan S.. (2024) - In: Economic circularity in the Roman and early medieval worlds. New perspectives on invisible agents and dynamics p. 105-116

4Essay  La Sicilia e il papato nel contesto della Langobardia minor (secoli VII-IX)
Piazza, Emanuele. (2023) - In: La Sicilia nei secoli VI-X. Dinamiche di poteri e culture tra Oriente e Occidente p. 193-202

5Collection of Essays  Le siècle des saints: Le VIIe siècle dans les récits hagiographiques
Gaillard, MichèleMériaux, Charles [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2023)

6Articles  Reconstructing the Wine Industry of Byzantine Amorium: Production and Consumption of Wine in Central Asia Minor, Seventh to Ninth Centuries
Tsivikis, NikosSotiriou, ThanasisKaragiorgou, OlgaAnagnostakis, Ilias. (2023) - In: Dumbarton Oaks papers vol. 77 (2023) p. 131-176

7Essay  The settlement of Contrado Castro (Corleone, Palermo) between the Byzantine and Islamic periods (7th-11th c. AD)
Castrorao Barba, Angelo. (2023) - In: Suburbia and Rural Landscapes in Medieval Sicily p. 77-93

8Essay  From Earth to Heaven: Transcendental Concepts of Architecture in Late Roman and Early Byzantine Art (c.300-700)
Olovsdotter, Cecilia. (2023) - In: Type and archetype in late antique and Byzantine art and architecture p. 101-143

9Articles  Moda, statut social sau atribut etnic. Inele pentru deget din secolele VII-VIII descoperite pe teritoriul Transilvaniei [Fashion, Social Status, or Ethnic Attribute. Seventh-Eigth Centuries Finger-Rings Discovered in Transylvania]
Cosma, Calin. (2023) - In: Banatica vol. 33 (2023) p. 139-157

10Essay  Introduction: L'hagiographie des VIe-VIIe siècles
Gaillard, MichèleMériaux, Charles. (2023) - In: Le siècle des saints. Le VIIe siècle dans les récits hagiographiques p. 9-15

11Articles  [Sirmium and the region of Pannonia Secunda in the sixth and seventh centuries in light of new finds]
Bugarski, IvanIvaniševic, Vujadin. (2023) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta vol. 60 (2023) p. 669-693

12Articles  Collapse in the Balkans? Three 7th-Century AD Coin Hoards from Hrisosotira on the Black Sea Coast (Bulgaria)
Gândila, AndreiHristov, Ivan. (2023) - In: Ancient West and East vol. 22 (2023) p. 133-157

13Essay  The Christian and Islamic Population of Cercadilla, Cordoba: 7th-12th Century
Fuertes Santos, María del CaminoHidalgo Prieto, Rafael. (2023) - In: A Companion to Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Cordoba p. 252-270

14Collection of Essays  The European Countryside during the Migration Period. Patterns of Change from Iberia to the Caucasus (300-700 CE)
Bavuso, IreneCastrorao Barba, Angelo [Publ.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2023)

15Essay  Between Royal Power and Legitimacy - The Bishops of Mérida (6th- 7th c.)
Grotherr, Kevin. (2023) - In: Bishops under threat. Contexts and episcopal strategies in the late antique and early medieval west p. 55-80

16Articles  Enjeux politiques et processus de légitimation autour du Coran dans la seconde moitié du VIIe siècle
Bouali, Hassan I.. (2023) - In: Archimède vol. 10 (2023) p. 34-48

17Monographie  Edad Media y cultura escrita: libros y bibliotecas en los reinos de León y Castilla (siglos VII-XV)
Diez Gutiérrez, Laura. - [Universidad de León] (2023)

18Essay  Donne di potere della Bibbia nella lettura dei Padri d'Occidente (sec. IV-inizio VII)
Consolino, Franca Ela. (2023) - In: Le pouvoir au féminin. Modèles et anti-modèles bibliques, du IVe au XVIIe siècle p. 55-86

19Articles  Bracelets with Splayed Ends and Decorated Appliqués in the Carpathian Basin in the Second Half of the Avar Period (7th - 8th Centuries AD) New Data on the Relations of Avar Artefacts with Northern Italy and the Alpine Region
Gulyás, Bence. (2023) - In: Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt vol. 53 (2023) p. 377-390

20Articles  Communication: a Neglected Paradigm in the Study of Christian-Muslim Relations (7th-16th Cent.)
König, Daniel G.. (2023) - In: De Medio Aevo vol. 12 (2023) p. 41-63

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 11518