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1Essay  Monastic Control over Agriculture and Farming: New Evidence from the Egyptian Monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit Concerning the Payment of APARCHE
Schenke, Gesa. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 420-431

2Essay  Murtaba al-jund et manzil al-qabail: Pénétration militaire et installation tribale dans la campagne égyptienne au premier siècle de l'Islam
Bouderbala, Sobhi. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 367-391

3Collection of Essays  Caravans of gold, fragments in time: art, culture, and exchange across medieval Saharan Africa
Berzock, Kathleen Bickford [Publ.]. - Evanston (2019)

4Essay  Richard of Cornwall's treaty with Egypt, 1241
Khamisy, Rabei G.Pringle, Denys. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) p. 54-84

5Essay  Landowners, Caliphs and State Policy over Landholdings in the Egyptian Countryside Theory and Practice
Legendre, Marie. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 392-419

6Essay  Checkpoints, sauf-conduits et contrôle de la population en Égypte au début du VIIIe siècle
Delattre, Alain. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 531-456

7Essay  Policing, Punishing and Prisons in the Early Islamic Egyptian Countryside (640-850 CE)
Sijpesteijn, Petra M.. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 547-588

8Essay  Divine market: Economic practices in Egyptian monasticism (IV-VIII centuries)
Giorda, Maria Chiara. (2018) - In: Potential regieren. Zur Genealogie des möglichen Menschen p. 49-68

9Essay  Exchange of sacrifices: West Africa in the medieval world of goods
Guérin, Sarah M.. (2018) - In: Re-assessing the global turn in medieval art history p. 97-123

10Articles  An Ostracon Related to Archangel Michael's Cult in Upper Egypt
Awad, Hind Salah El-Din Somida. (2018) - In: Scrinium. Revue de patrologie vol. 14 (2018) p. 369-372

11Articles  La "pasada" de Fernando el Católico al Norte de África (1510-1511)
López de Coca Castañer, José Enrique. (2018) - In: Revista del Centro de Estudios Históricos de Granada y su Reino vol. 30 (2018) p. 3-23

12Essay  Xenodocheia - eine Unterkunftsmöglichkeit für Pilger. Eine Untersuchung ihrer Verwaltung und Einbettung im byzantinischen Ägypten
Gruber, Christian-Jürgen. (2018) - In: Für Seelenheil und Lebensglück. Das byzantinische Pilgerwesen und seine Wurzeln p. 221-230

13Essay  Urban Decor and Public Spaces in Late Antique North Africa
Leone, Anna. (2018) - In: Entre civitas y madina. El mundo de las ciudades en la Península Ibérica p. 275-284

14Essay  Jews and Christians in Vandal Africa
Conant, Jonathan P.. (2018) - In: Barbarians and Jews. Jews and Judaism in the early medieval West p. 29-46

15Articles  "The Missing Factor": Economy and Labor in Late Roman North Africa (400-600 CE)
Tedesco, Paolo. (2018) - In: Journal of late antiquity vol. 11 (2018) p. 396-431

16Essay  De l'Égypte à la Turquie: la fin des croisades de Terre sainte
Richard, Jean (Historiker). (2018) - In: Etudes Dominique Sourdel p. 213-220

17Monographie  Byzantine coinage in Africa and Spain
D'Andrea, AlbertoTorno Ginnasi, Andrea. - Roseto degli Abruzzi (2018)

18Monographie  Treasure trove of benefits and variety at the table: a fourteenth-century Egyptian cookbook
Nasrallah, Nawal. - Leiden [u.a.] (2018)

19Essay  Aux sources des querelles théologiques du XVe s. en Éthiopie
Beylot, Robert. (2018) - In: Written sources about Africa and their study p. 199-226

20Monographie  Afrique de l'Ouest: le millénaire formateur, VIIe-XVIe siècle
Ekanza, Simon-Pierre. - Paris (2018)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 8481