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1Monographie  Reading Sima Qian from Han to Song: the father of history in pre-modern China
Klein, Esther Sunkyung. - Leiden [u.a.] (2019)

2Monographie  Women in early medieval China
Hinsch, Bret. - Lanham [u.a.] (2019)

3Essay  Land Reclamation and Irrigation Programs in Early Islamic Southern Mesopotamia Self-Enrichment vs. State Control
Verkinderen, Peter. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 500-527

4Monographie  China und Asiens maritime Achse im Mittelalter: Konzepte, Wahrnehmungen, offene Fragen.
Ptak, Roderich. - Berlin (2019)

5Essay  The architectural language of the Hospitaller Church of St John, Acre, and its historical context
Shotten-Hallel, Vardit. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) p. 127-146

6Essay  Night in the Big City: Temporal Patterns in Antioch and Constantinople as Revealed by Chrysostom's Sermons
Dossey, Leslie. (2019) - In: Revisioning John Chrysostom. New approaches, new perspectives p. 698-732

7Articles  Xenophilie in den illuminierten persischen Handschriften: am Beispiel des Heidelberger Šahname-Manuskripts (Cod. Trübner 8)
Rahmani, Sara. (2019) - In: Codices manuscripti & impressi vol. 114/115 (2019)

8Articles  Reassessing Arianism in Light of the Council of Antioch 268
Giulea, Dragos Andrei. (2019) - In: Ephemerides theologicae Lovanienses vol. 95 (2019) p. 63-96

9Essay  Land Tenure, Land Tax and Social Conflictuality in Iraq from the Late Sasanian to the Early Islamic Period (Fifth to Ninth Centuries CE)
Campopiano, Michele. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside p. 464-499

10Collection of Essays  Crusading and trading between West and East: studies in honour of David Jacoby.
Menasheh, SofiahKedar, Benjamin ZeevBalard, Michel [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2019)

11Essay  Antioch in the Sixth Century: Resilience or Vulnerability?
Mordechai, Lee. (2019) - In: Environment and society in the long late antiquity p. 207-223

12Essay  Medieval silk textiles from excavations in the land of Israel
Shamir, OritBaginski, Alisa. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) p. 327-335

13Collection of Essays  Savants, amants, poètes et fous: séances offertes à Katia Zakharia
Pinon, Catherine [Publ.]. - Beyrouth (2019)

14Essay  Greek into Arabic in Byzantine Antioch: 'Abdallah ibn al-Fadl's "Book of the Garden" (Kitab al-rawda)
Treiger, Alexander. (2019) - In: Ambassadors, artists, theologians p. 227-238

15Essay  L'univers sarrasin dans la Chanson d'Antioche: une présentation ambigue
Guidot, Bernard. (2019) - In: Mélanges Jean-Charles Herbin p. 369-378

16Articles  William of Tyre, Femininity, and the Problem of the Antiochene Princesses
Buck, Andrew D.. (2019) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 70 (2019) p. 731-749

17Essay  Migration to and within Palestine in the early Islamic period: two archaeological paradigms
Taxel, Itamar. (2019) - In: Migration and migrant identities in the Near East from antiquity to the middle ages p. 222-243

18Essay  The Idea of an Apocalyptic Fire According to the Old and Middle Iranian Sources
König, Götz. (2019) - In: Finding, inheriting or borrowing? Construction and transfer p. 313-342

19Essay  Jean Malalas et la memoire d'Antioche. Construction de l'espace et du temps dans la Chronique, l'exemple d'Epiphania
Caire, Emmanuèle. (2019) - In: Die Weltchronik des Johannes Malalas im Kontext spätantiker Memorialkultur p. 171-190

20Essay  David Jacoby publications
Jacoby, David. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) p. XIII-XXXIII

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 15912