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Descriptors: Bacharach, Jere L. (1938-)

1Essay  Material Evidence and Narrative Sources: Teaching and Studying Numismatic Evidence
Bacharach, Jere L.. (2015) - In: Material evidence and narrative sources p. 17-29

2Articles  Coinage and their Visual Messages in the Age of the Sultanate. The Case of Egypt and Syria
Bacharach, Jere L.Anwar, Sherif. (2012) - In: Annales islamologiques vol. 46 (2012) p. 15-44

3Articles  Signs of Sovereignty: Hie Shahdda, Quranic Verses, and the Coinage of 'Abd al-Malik
Bacharach, Jere L.. (2010) - In: Muqarnas vol. 27 (2010) p. 1-30

4Monographie  Islamic history through coins: an analysis and catalogue of tenth-century Ikhshidid coinage
Bacharach, Jere L.. - Cairo (2006)

5Collection of Essays  Fustat finds: beads, coins, medical instruments, textiles, and other artifacts from the Awad Collection
Bacharach, Jere L. [Publ.]. - Cairo [u.a.] (2002)

6Articles  Thoughts About Pennies and Other Monies
Bacharach, Jere L.. (2001) - In: Middle East Studies Association bulletin vol. 35 (2001) p. 2-14

7Articles  The Restoration and Conservation of Islamic Monuments in Egypt
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1996) - In: American journal of Islamic social sciences vol. 13 (1996) p. 577-579

8Collection of Essays  Studies in early Islamic history
Hinds, Martin. Bacharach, Jere L. [Publ.]. - Princeton (1996)

9Articles  Al-Amin's Designated Successor: The Limitations of Numismatic Evidence
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1996) - In: Journal of the American Oriental Society vol. 116 (1996) p. 108-113

10Articles  Marwanid Umayyad Building Activities: Speculations on Patronage
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1996) - In: Muqarnas vol. 13 (1996) p. 27-44

11Articles  Laqab for a Future Caliph: The Case of the Abbasid al-Mahdi
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1993) - In: Journal of the American Oriental Society vol. 113 (1993) p. 271-274

12Collection of Essays  Monetary change and economic history in the medieval Muslim world
Ehrenkreutz, Andrew S.. Bacharach, Jere L. [Publ.]. - Aldershot [u.a.] (1992)

13Essay  The coinage of Baridi
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1986) - In: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Numismatics p. 391-400

14Essay  Islamic Damascus and Aleppo
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1985) - In: Ebla to Damascus. Art and archaeology of ancient Syria p. 477-483

15Monographie  A Middle East studies handbook
Bacharach, Jere L.. - Seattle [u.a.] (1984)

16Essay  Palestine in the policies of Tulunid and Ikhshidid governors of Egypt (A.H. 254-358 / 868-969 A.D.)
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1984) - In: Egypt and Palestine. A Millennium of Association (868-1948) p. 51-65

17Essay  Monetary movements in medieval Egypt, 1171-1517
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1983) - In: Precious Metals in the Later Medieval and Early Modern Worlds p. 159-181

18Articles  African military slaves in the medieval Middle East: the cases of Iraq (869-955) and Egypt (868-1171)
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1981) - In: International journal of middle east studies vol. 13 (1981) p. 471-495

19Collection of Essays  The Warp and weft of Islam: oriental carpets and weavings from Pacific Northwest collections ; [exhibition]
Bacharach, Jere L.Bierman, Irene A. [Publ.]. - Seattle (1978)

20Articles  Circassian monetary policy: copper
Bacharach, Jere L.. (1976) - In: Journal of the economic and social history of the Orient vol. 19 (1976) p. 32-47

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