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Descriptors: Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)

1Monographie  Machiavelli e Francesco Bacone: l'accesso alla modernità.
Moretti, Masino Glauro. - Roma (2011)

2Monographie  The prolongation of life in early modern English literature and culture, with emphasis on Francis Bacon
Jackson, Roger Marcus. - [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] (2010)

3Monographie  Francis Bacon e l'ossessione di Michelangelo.
Ficacci, Luigi. - Milano (2008)

4Essay  John Florio e Francis Bacon
Fattori, M.. (2003) - In: Lexiques et glossaires philosophiques de la Renaissance. Actes p. 247-268

5Essay  Art. Bacon, Francis
Zaller, Robert. (1999) - In: Encyclopedia of the Renaissance Pt. 1 p. 165-167

6Essay  Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)
Zappen, James P.. (1996) - In: Encyclopedia of rhetoric and composition p. 61-62

7Essay  De Roger Bacon à Francis Bacon. Du commentateur au contempteur, ou le double dans le miroir
Beets, François. (1996) - In: Mélanges Christian Rutten p. 345-352

8Essay  "Globus intellectualis". Geistsphäre, Erkenntnissphäre und Weltsphäre bei Plotin, Nikolaus von Kues und Francis Bacon
Senger, Hans Gerhard. (1993) - In: Studi Giovanni Santinello p. 275-307

9Monographie  Francis Bacon, the State and the Reform of Natural Philosophy
Martin, Julian. - Cambridge (1992)

10Essay  Francis Bacon and "Spiritus"
Walker, Daniel Pickering. (1985) - In: Gouk, Music, spirit, and language in the Renaissance p. 121-130

11Articles  Nicholas Hilliard's miniature of Francis Bacon and other minutiae
Strong, Roy C.. (1964) - In: The Burlington magazine vol. 106 (1964) p. 337

12Articles  Francis Bacon in early eighteenth-century English literature
Cochrane, Rexmond C.. (1958) - In: Philological quarterly vol. 37 (1958) p. 58-79

13Articles  "All colours will agree in the dark": a note on a feature in the style of Francis Bacon
Tarselius, Rut. (1952 - 1953) - In: Studia neophilologica vol. 25 (1952/53) p. 155-160

14Articles  Die geistesgeschichtliche und die literarische Nachfolge der Neu-Atlantis des Francis Bacon
Minkowski, Helmut. (1937) - In: Neophilologus vol. 22 (1937) p. 120-139, 185-200

15Articles  Jeremy Collier and Francis Bacon
Freeman, Edmund L.. (1928) - In: Philological quarterly vol. 7 (1928) p. 17-26

16Articles  Shakespeare's epitaphs and Francis Bacon
Kern, J. H.. (1928) - In: Neophilologus vol. 13 (1928) p. 107-117

17Articles  Het geheimschrift van Francis Bacon
Speckman, H.A.W.. (1918) - In: Neophilologus vol. 3 (1918) p. 134-144, 207-222

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 17