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Descriptors: Baert, Barbara (1967-)

1Articles  Revisiting the Enclosed Gardens of the Low Countries (Fifteenth Century Onwards). Gender, Textile, and the Intimate Space as Horticulture
Baert, Barbara. (2017) - In: Textile. The journal of cloth and culture vol. 15 (2007) p. 2-33

2Essay  La Fille Dansante au prisme de l'interdisciplinarité: (avec un détour par la Capella Marciana à Venise).
Baert, Barbara. (2016) - In: Études Christian Heck p. 25-36

3Monographie  Late medieval enclosed gardens of the Low Countries: contributions to gender and artistic expression.
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven (2016)

4Collection of Essays  "Pneuma" and the visual medium in the Middle Ages and early modernity: essays on wind, "ruach", incarnation, odour, stains, movement, kairos, web and silence
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

5Essay  The Pact between Space and Gaze: The Narrative and the Iconic in Noli me tangere
Baert, Barbara. (2016) - In: "Noli me tangere" in interdisciplinary perspective p. 191-216

6Articles  Instrumentalities and the late medieval "Enclosed gardens" of the Low Countries
Baert, Barbara. (2016) - In: Kunst og kultur vol. 99 (2016) p. 132-141

7Collection of Essays  "Noli me tangere" in interdisciplinary perspective: textual, iconographic and contemporary interpretations
Bieringer, ReimundBaert, BarbaraDemasure, Karlijn [Publ.]. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

8Monographie  Kairos or occasion as paradigm in the visual medium. "Nachleben", iconography, hermeneutics
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

9Monographie  Revisiting Salome's dance in medieval and early modern iconology
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

10Essay  The Annunciation and the senses: late medieval devotion and the pictorial gaze.
Baert, Barbara. (2016) - In: The materiality of devotion in late Medieval Northern Europe p. 121-145

11Monographie  Locus amoenus and the sleeping nymph: "ekphrasis", silence and "genius loci"
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

12Essay  La Pentecôte dans le Codex Egberti (v. 980) et le Bénédictional de Robert de Jumièges (fin du Xe siècle): le médium visuel et les sens.
Baert, Barbara. (2016) - In: Les cinq sens au Moyen Âge p. 521-544

13Monographie  In response to echo: beyond mimesis or dissolution as scopic regime (with special attention to camouflage)
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2016)

14Essay  The Annunciation and the Senses: Ruach, Pneumat Odour
Baert, Barbara. (2015) - In: Essays Bianca Kühnel p. 197-216

15Essay  Textile, Tactility, and the Senses. The 13th-century Embroidered Antependium of Wernigerode Revisited
Baert, Barbara. (2015) - In: Clothing the sacred. Medieval textiles as fabric, form, and metaphor p. 89-120

16Essay  Cutting the throat. Obscenity and the Case of the Johannesschüssel
Baert, Barbara. (2014) - In: Scenes of the obscene. The non-representable in art and visual culture p. 127-146

17Essay  Lavit et venit videns: The Healing of the Blind Man at the Pool of Siloam
Baert, Barbara. (2014) - In: Visual constructs of Jerusalem p. 23-34

18Monographie  Nymph: motif, phantom, affect ; a contribution to the study of Aby Warburg (1866 - 1929)
Baert, Barbara. - Leuven [u.a.] (2014)

19Articles  Vox clamantis in deserto: die Johannesschüssel ; Sinne und Stille.
Baert, Barbara. (2014) - In: Das Münster vol. 67 (2014) p. 194-206

20Essay  The Tree as Narrative, Formal, and Allegorical Index in Representations of the 'Noli me tangere'
Baert, BarbaraKusters, Liesbet. (2014) - In: The tree. Symbol, allegory, and mnemonic device in medieval art and thought p. 159-186

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 165