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Descriptors: Barber, Malcolm C. (1943-)

1Monographie  The Cathars: dualist heretics in Languedoc in the High Middle Ages
Barber, Malcolm C.. - Harlow, England [u.a.] (2013)

2Essay  Le procès
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2012) - In: Templiers. De Jérusalem aux commanderies de Champagne p. 130-138

3Monographie  The crusader states
Barber, Malcolm C.. - New Haven (2012)

4Articles  The Military Orders and Egypt in the time of King Amalric
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2011) - In: Deus vult vol. 1 (2001) p. 9-20

5Essay  Introduction
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2011) - In: The debate on the Trial of the Templars 1307-1314 p. 1-10

6Essay  The Challenge of State Building in the Twelfth Century: The Crusader States in Palestine and Syria
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2010) - In: Crusading and state building in the central Middle Ages p. 7-22

7Collection of Essays  Letters from the East: crusaders, pilgrims and settlers in the 12th - 13th centuries
Barber, Malcolm C. [Ed.]. - Farnham [u.a.] (2010)

8Monographie  The challenge of state building in the twelfth century: the Crusader states in Palestine and Syria
Barber, Malcolm C.. Rist, Rebecca [Publ.]. - Reading (2009)

9Essay  Alan Forey (1933)
Barber, Malcolm C.Bonet, Maria. (2009) - In: Rewriting the Middle Ages in the twentieth century 2 p. 15-40

10Essay  Was the Holy Land betrayed in 1291 ?
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2008) - In: Essays Peter S. Noble p. 35-52

11Essay  The reputation of Gerard of Ridefort
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2008) - In: The military orders 4. On land and by sea p. 111-119

12Monographie  Die Katharer: Ketzer des Mittelalters
Barber, Malcolm C.. - Düsseldorf (2008)

13Essay  Bibliography of works by Malcolm Barber, 1970-2005
Barber, Malcolm C.. Upton-Ward, Judith M. [Ed.]. (2007) - In: Essays Malcolm Barber p. XV-XIX

14Monographie  The trial of the templars
Barber, Malcolm C.. - Cambridge (2006)

15Essay  Supplying the crusader states: The role of the Templars
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2006) - In: Medieval warfare 1000 - 1300 p. 585-598

16Essay  Northern Catharism
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2006) - In: Essays R. I. Moore p. 115-137

17Essay  The Impact of the Fourth Crusade in the West: The Distribution of Relics after 1204
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2005) - In: Urbs capta. The fourth Crusade and its consequences p. 325-334

18Essay  The Templar Preceptory of Douzens (Aude) in the Twelfth Century
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2005) - In: The world of Eleanor of Aquitaine p. 37-56

19Essay  The career of Philip of Nablus in the kingdom of Jerusalem
Barber, Malcolm C.. (2003) - In: The Experience of Crusading 2 p. 60-75

20Collection of Essays  The history of the Holy War: Ambroise's Estoire de la guerre sainte (Vol. 1-2)
Ailes, Marianne J.Barber, Malcolm C. [Publ.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2003)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 73