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1Essay  Some Measures of Scribal Accuracy in Late Medieval English Manuscripts
Beadle, Richard. (2013) - In: Probable truth. Editing medieval texts from Britain p. 223-240

2Essay  Nicholas Lancaster, Richard of Gloucester and the York Corpus Christi play
Beadle, Richard. (2011) - In: The York mystery plays. Performance in the city p. 31-52

3Sachtitel  The York plays: a critical edition of the York Corpus Christi Play as recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290. 1 , The text
Beadle, Richard [Publ.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2009)

4Essay  Sir John Fastolf's French books
Beadle, Richard. (2008) - In: Medieval texts in context p. 96-112

5Articles  The Expenses of John Paston I, 1457 - 1458
Beadle, RichardRichmond, Colin F.. (2005 - 2008) - In: Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History vol. 41 (2005/08) p. 281-287

6Collection of Essays  Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century (Vol. 1-3)
Beadle, RichardDavis, NormanRichmond, Colin F. [Publ.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2005)

7Essay  Private Letters
Beadle, Richard. (2004) - In: A Companion to Middle English Prose p. 289-306

8Essay  The manuscripts of James Cobbes of Bury St Edmunds (c. 1602-1685)
Beadle, Richard. (2004) - In: Essays Toshiyuki Takamiya p. 427-442

9Articles  Medieval English manuscripts at auction 1676-c1700
Beadle, Richard. (2004) - In: The book collector vol. 53 (2004) p. 46-63

10Essay  Masks, mimes and miracles: medieval English theatricality and its illusions
Beadle, Richard. (2004) - In: From script to stage in early modern England p. 32-42

11Articles  Fifteenth-century political verses from the Holkham archives.
Beadle, Richard. (2002) - In: Medium aevum vol. 71 (2002) p. 101-121

12Articles  Occupation and Idleness
Beadle, Richard. (2001) - In: Leeds studies in English vol. 32 (2001) p. 7-48

13Articles  William Paston II and Pynson's Statutes of War (1492)
Beadle, RichardHellinga, Lotte. (2001) - In: The library Ser. 7, vol. 2 (2001) p. 107-119

14Articles  Verbal texture and wordplay in the York cycle
Beadle, Richard. (2000) - In: Early theatre vol. 3 (2000) p. 167-184

15Essay  Facsimiles of Middle English manuscripts
Beadle, Richard. (1998) - In: A Guide to Editing Middle English p. 319-331

16Collection of Essays  Nicholas Love at Waseda. Proceedings of the International Conference, 20-22 July 1995
Oguro, ShoichiBeadle, RichardSargent, Michael G. [Publ.]. - Cambridge (1997)

17Essay  "Devoute ymaginacioun" and the dramatic sense in Love's Mirror and the N-Town plays.
Beadle, Richard. (1997) - In: Nicholas Love at Waseda p. 1-17

18Essay  Geoffrey Spirleng (c.1426-c.1494): a scribe of the Canterbury Tales in his time.
Beadle, Richard. (1997) - In: Essays M. B. Parkes p. 116-146

19Collection of Essays  New Science out of Old Books. Studies in Manuscripts and Early Printed Books in Honour of A. I. Doyle
Beadle, RichardPiper, Alan J. [Publ.]. - Aldershot (1995)

20Essay  Monk Thomas Hyngham's hand in the Macro manuscript.
Beadle, Richard. (1995) - In: Studies A. I. Doyle (1995) p. 315-337

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