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Descriptors: Beatrice, Pier Franco (1948-)

1Essay  The apostolic writings in Heracleon's Hypomnemata
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2016) - In: Origeniana undecima. Origen and Origenism in the history of Western thought p. 799-819

2Articles  Chromatius and Jovinus at the Synod of Diospolis: A Prosopographical Inquiry
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2014) - In: Journal of early Christian studies vol. 22 (2014) p. 437-464

3Articles  Reading Elizabeth A. Clark, Founding the Fathers
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2013) - In: Studia patristica vol. 69 (2013) p. 395-400

4Collection of Essays  Chromatius of Aquileia and his age: proceedings of the international conference held in Aquileia, 22 - 24 May 2008
Beatrice, Pier Franco [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2011)

5Essay  Péché et libération de l'homme chez Jean Damascène
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2011) - In: Les forces du bien et du mal dans les premiers siècles de l'Église p. 211-236

6Essay  Introduzione
Corgnali, DuilioBeatrice, Pier FrancoPeršic, Alessio. (2011) - In: Chromatius of Aquileia and his age p. IX-XI

7Essay  The Sign of Jonah. The Paschal Mystery and the Conversion of the Pagans according to Chromatius of Aquileia
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2011) - In: Chromatius of Aquileia and his age p. 19-64

8Essay  Semantic shifts in Augustine's use of the word profanus
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2010) - In: Les frontières du profane dans l'Antiquité tardive p. 37-53

9Articles  Augustine's Longing for Holiness and the Problem of Monastic Illiteracy
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2010) - In: Studia patristica vol. 49 (2010) p. 119-134

10Articles  "What do we possess that we have not received?" Augustine's Criticism of Tyconius' Charismatic Hermeneutics
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2010) - In: Revista catalana de teologia vol. 35 (2010) p. 365-385

11Essay  Origen in Nemesius' treatise "On the nature of man"
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2009) - In: Origeniana nona. Origen and the religious practice of his time p. 505-532

12Essay  II segno di Giona e la conversione dei pagani
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2008) - In: Cromazio di Aquileia. Al crocevia di genti e religioni p. 470-473

13Essay  Das Erbe des kleinasiatischen Christentums in der Kirche von Aquileia
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2008) - In: Etudes Aline Pourkier p. 65-82

14Articles  The Treasures of the Egyptians. A Chapter in the History of Patristic Exegesis and Late Antique Culture
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2006) - In: Studia patristica vol. 39 (2006) p. 159-184

15Articles  Doctrina sana id est Christiana: Augustine from the Liberal Arts to the science of the Scriptures
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2006) - In: Theologische Zeitschrift vol. 62 (2006) p. 269-282

16Articles  On the Meaning of "Profane" in the Pagan-Christian Conflict of Late Antiquity: The Fathers, Firmicus Maternus and Porphyry before the Orphic "Prorrhesis" ('OF' 245.1 Kern)
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2005) - In: Illinois classical studies vol. 30 (2005) p. 137-166

17Essay  L'union de l'âme et du corps. Némésius d'Êmèse lecteur de Porphyre
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2005) - In: Les Pères de l'Eglise face à la science médicale de leur temps p. 253-286

18Essay  L'accusation d'athéisme contre les Chrétiens
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2004) - In: Hellénisme et christianisme (Mythes, Imaginaires, Religions) p. 133-152

19Essay  John 13,1-10 and Romans 13,1-7 in Irenaeus of Lyons: two test cases for New Testament textual criticism
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2003) - In: The New Testament text in early christianity p. 369-386

20Essay  Forgery, Propaganda and Power in Christian Antiquity. Some Methodological Remarks
Beatrice, Pier Franco. (2002) - In: FS Christian Gnilka p. 39-51

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