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Descriptors: Bednarski, Steven (1973-)

1Essay  A Late Medieval Criminal Prosecution for Poisoning: The Failed Murder Trial of Margarida de Portu (1396)
McCarthy, CaleyBednarski, Steven. (2017) - In: Toxicology in the Middle Ages and Renaissance p. 141-150

2Articles  Changing Landscapes: A Call for Renewed Approaches to Social History, Natural Environment,and Historical Climate in Late Medieval Provence
Bednarski, Steven. (2016) - In: Memini. Travaux et documents vol. 19/20 (2016)

3Monographie  Poisoned past: the life and times of Margarida de Portu, a fourteenth-century accused poisoner
Bednarski, Steven. - Toronto (2014)

4Monographie  Curia: a social history of a Provençal criminal court in the fourteenth century
Bednarski, Steven. - Montpellier (2013)

5Articles  "Sadly and with a Bitter Heart": What the Caesarean Section Meant in the Middle Ages
Bednarski, StevenCourtemanche, Andrée. (2011) - In: Florilegium vol. 28 (2011) p. 33-69

6Articles  En marge de la justice. Les marges décorées des registres de justice provençaux du XIVe siècle
Bednarski, Steven. (2009) - In: Provence historique vol. 59 (2009) p. 3-26

7Articles  Learning to be a man: public schooling and apprenticeship in late medieval Manosque
Bednarski, Steven. (2009) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 35 (2009) p. 113-135

8Essay  The Quest for the Historical Father. Protective Fathers in Practical Records
Bednarski, Steven. (2006) - In: Das Abenteuer der Genealogie. Vater-Sohn-Beziehungen im Mittelalter p. 39-60

9Essay  Whence springs the lie? Motive and fraud in the Monosquin criminal court (1340-1403)
Bednarski, Steven. (2004) - In: Shell games. Studies in scams, frauds, and deceits (1300-1650) p. 123-144

10Essay  Keeping It in the Family? Domestic Violence in the Later Middle Ages: Examples from a Provencal Town (1340-1403)
Bednarski, Steven. (2003) - In: Love, marriage, and family ties in the later middle ages p. 277-298

11Articles  De l'eau, du grain et une figurine à forme humaine: Quelques procès pour sortilèges à Manosque au début du XIVe siècle
Courtemanche, AndréeBednarski, Steven. (1998) - In: Memini. Travaux et documents vol. 2 (1998) p. 75-105

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