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Descriptors: Bent, Margaret (1940-)

1Essay  Francesco Malipiero, Antonio da Roma: Another musical connection?
Bent, Margaret. (2014) - In: Mondo latino e civiltà bizantina p. 225-238

2Essay  Some singers of polyphony in Padua and Vicenza around Pietro Emiliani and Francesco Malipiero
Bent, Margaret. (2014) - In: Beyond 50 years of Ars Nova studies at Certaldo, 1959-2009 p. 287-304

3Essay  Jacobus de Ispania? - Ein Zwischenbericht
Bent, Margaret. (2014) - In: Nationes, Gentes und die Musik im Mittelalter p. 407-422

4Essay  "Libri de cantu" in the Early Fifteenth-Century Veneto: Contents, Use and Ownership
Bent, Margaret. (2014) - In: Musikalische Repertoires in Zentraleuropa (1420 - 1450) p. 153-170

5Articles  Performative Rhetoric and Rhetoric as Validation
Bent, Margaret. (2012) - In: Nottingham medieval studies vol. 56 (2012) p. 43-62

6Monographie  Ein "Liber cantus" aus dem Veneto (um 1440): Fragmente in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München und der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek Wien
Bent, MargaretKlugseder, Robert. - Wiesbaden (2012)

7Essay  Musica Recta and Musica Ficta
Bent, Margaret. (2011) - In: Medieval music (2011) p. 395-422

8Essay  The Earliest Fifteenth-Century Transmission of English Music to the Continent
Bent, Margaret. (2010) - In: Essays John Caldwell p. 83-96

9Essay  Grammar and rhetoric in late medieval polyphony: modern metaphor or old simile?
Bent, Margaret. (2010) - In: Rhetoric beyond words. Delight and persuasion in the arts of the Middle Ages p. 52-71

10Essay  Indexes in late medieval polyphonic music manuscripts: a brief tour
Bent, Margaret. (2010) - In: Glosses Christopher de Hamel p. 196-207

11Essay  The Myth of tempus perfectum diminutum in the Chantilly Manuscript
Bent, Margaret. (2009) - In: A late Medieval songbook and its context p. 203-228

12Essay  Naming of Parts: Notes on the Contratenor, c.1350-1450
Bent, Margaret. (2009) - In: Studies Bonnie J. Blackburn p. 1-12

13Essay  Deception, Exegesis and Sounding Number in Machaut's Motet 15
Bent, Margaret. (2008) - In: Ars nova. French and Italian music in the fourteenth century p. 525-540

14Essay  Continuity and transformation of repertory and transmission in early 15th-century Italy: the two cultures
Bent, Margaret. (2007) - In: Kontinuität und Transformation in der italienischen Vokalmusik zwischen Due- und Quattrocento p. 225-245

15Essay  "Divisi" and "a versi" in early fifteenth-century mass movements
Bent, Margaret. (2004) - In: Antonio Zacara da Teramo e il suo tempo p. 91-134

16Essay  Ciconia's dedicatee, Bologna Q 15, Brassart, and the Council of Basel
Bent, Margaret. (2004) - In: Manoscritti di polifonia nel Quattrocento europeo p. 35-56

17Essay  The Musical Stanzas in Martin Le Francs Le Champion des Dames
Bent, Margaret. (2004) - In: Essays Andrew Hughes p. 91-127

18Essay  The 'Harmony' of the Machaut Mass
Bent, Margaret. (2003) - In: Machaut's music. New interpretations p. 75-94

19Articles  Words and music in Machaut's motet 9
Bent, Margaret. (2003) - In: Early music vol. 31 (2003) p. 363-388

20Essay  "Sounds perish": in what sense does Renaissance music survive?
Bent, Margaret. (2002) - In: The Italian Renaissance in the twentieth century p. 247-265

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