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Descriptors: Berenson, Bernard (1865-1959)

1Essay  Chapter XI from The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance
Berenson, Bernard. (1999) - In: Leonardo da Vinci. Selected scholarship 2 p. 1-6

2Essay  Excerpt from "The Florentine painters of the Renaissance"
Berenson, Bernard. (1998) - In: Giotto, master painter and architect. Florence p. 207-223

3Essay  Dell'impersonalità nell'arte
Berenson, Bernard. (1994) - In: Legenda di Piero della Francesca p. 93-95

4Monographie  The Italian painters of the Renaissance. Bd. 1. The Venetian painters; the north Italian painters
Berenson, Bernard. - London [u.a.] (1968)

5Monographie  The Italian painters of the Renaissance. Bd. 2. The Florentine painters; the central Italian painters
Berenson, Bernard. - London [u.a.] (1968)

6Book Set The Italian painters of the Renaissance (Vol. 1-2)
Berenson, Bernard. - London [u.a.] (1968)

7Collection of Essays  The Bernard Berenson treasury: a selection from the works, unpublished writings, letters, diaries, and journals: 1887 - 1958
Berenson, Bernard. Kiel, Hanna [Publ.]. - London (1964)

8Monographie  The sense of quality: study and criticism of Italian art.
Berenson, Bernard. - New York (1962)

9Monographie  I disegni dei pittori fiorentini (Vol. 1-3)
Berenson, Bernard. - Milano (1961)

10Monographie  Palladio, Veronese e Vittoria a Maser
Berenson, Bernard. - Milano (1960)

11Collection of Essays  Raccolta dei saggi (Vol. 1-3)
Berenson, Bernard. Mariano, Elisabeth [Publ.]. - Milano (1957 - 1959)

12Monographie  Lorenzo Lotto: Gesamtausgabe mit vierhundert Abbildungen
Berenson, Bernard. - Köln (1957)

13Monographie  Italian Painters of the Renaissance
Berenson, Bernard. - London (1956)

14Essay  Monsù Desiderio of the Quattrocento
Berenson, Bernard. (1956) - In: Scritti Lionello Venturi p. 271-276

15Monographie  The arch of Constantine, or the decline of form
Berenson, Bernard. - London (1955)

16Articles  Notes on Giorgione
Berenson, Bernard. (1954) - In: Arte veneta. Rivista di storia dell'arte vol. 8 (1954) p. 145-152

17Monographie  The arch of Constantine or the decline of Rome
Berenson, Bernard. - London (1954)

18Monographie  Piero Della Francesca or The Ineloquent in art
Berenson, Bernard. - London (1954)

19Monographie  Italian pictures of the Renaissance: a list of the principal artists and their works with an index of places.
Berenson, Bernard. - Oxford (1953)

20Collection of Essays  Italian manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library: Descriptive survey of the principal illuminated manuscripts of the 6th to 16th centuries, with a selection of important letters and documents
Harrsen, MetaBoyce, George K.Berenson, Bernard [Ed.]. - New York, NY (1953)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 123