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1Articles  The 'Prentice's Bracket' at Gloucester Cathedral
Binski, Paul. (2014) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association vol. 167 (2014) p. 123-132

2Articles  The illumination and patronage of the Douce Apocalypse
Binski, Paul. (2014) - In: The antiquaries journal vol. 94 (2014) p. 127-134

3Monographie  Gothic wonder. Art, artifice and the decorated style, 1290-1350
Binski, Paul. - New Haven (2014)

4Essay  Lost in translation?: the movement of things and ideas in the Gothic era.
Binski, Paul. (2013) - In: Artistic translations between fourteenth and sixteenth centuries p. 9-19

5Articles  Humfrey Lovell and the Gates of Gonville and Caius College: A Note on the Sources
Binski, Paul. (2013) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association vol. 166 (2013) p. 179-188

6Articles  The Heroic Age of Gothic and the Metaphors of Modernism
Binski, Paul. (2013) - In: Gesta vol. 52 (2013) p. 3-20

7Essay  Introduction: Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages
Binski, PaulNew, Elizabeth A.. (2012) - In: Patrons and professionals in the Middle Ages p. 1-4

8Articles  Villard de Honnecourt and Invention
Binski, Paul. (2012) - In: Nottingham medieval studies vol. 56 (2012) p. 63-79

9Collection of Essays  Patrons and professionals in the Middle Ages: Proceedings of the 2010 Harlaxton Symposium
Binski, PaulNew, Elizabeth A. [Publ.]. - Donington (Lincolnshire) (2012)

10Essay  London, Paris, Assisi, Rome around 1300: questioning art hierarchies.
Binski, Paul. (2012) - In: From Minor to Major. The Minor Arts in Medieval Art History p. 3-21

11Essay  Art-historical refiections on the fall of the Colonna, 1297
Binski, Paul. (2011) - In: Rome across time and space p. 278-290

12Articles  The painted chamber at Westminster, the fall of tyrants and the english literary model of governance
Binski, Paul. (2011) - In: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes vol. 74 (2011) p. 121-154

13Essay  The Imagery of the High Altar Piscina of Saint-Urbain at Troyes
Binski, Paul. (2011) - In: Liber Amicorum Paul Crossley 1 p. 263-273

14Monographie  Western illuminated manuscripts: a catalogue of the collection in Cambridge University Library
Binski, PaulZutshi, Patrick N. R.Panayotova, Stella D.. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2011)

15Essay  'Working by words alone': the architect, scholasticism and rhetoric in thirteenth-century France
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Rhetoric beyond words. Delight and persuasion in the arts of the Middle Ages p. 14-51

16Essay  The Ante-Reliquary Chapel paintings in Norwich Cathedral: the Holy Blood, St Richard and All Saints.
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Tributes Nigel Morgan p. 241-261

17Essay  Reflections on the "Wonderful Height and Size" of Gothic Great Churches and the Medieval Sublime
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Magnificence and the sublime in Medieval aesthetics p. 129-156

18Essay  Wall paintings in the chapter house
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Westminster Abbey Chapter House. The history, art and architecture p. 184-208, 282-283

19Essay  Developments in the study of medieval art since 1983
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Memory and commemoration in medieval England p. 309-321

20Essay  Angels, lost and found, in the University Library, Cambridge
Binski, Paul. (2010) - In: Glosses Christopher de Hamel p. 38-44

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