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Descriptors: Blockmans, Willem Pieter (1945-)

1Essay  Fairs in Northern France and the Low Countries, 1200-1600
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2018) - In: Europäische Messegeschichte 9.-19. Jahrhundert p. 115-124

2Essay  Who Has a Say? The Conditions for the Emergence and Maintenance of Political Participation in Europe before 1800
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2018) - In: Political Representation. Communities, Ideas and Institutions in Europe (c. 1200 - c. 1690) p. 285-308

3Essay  Des conditions pour une participation politique effective dans l'Ancien Régime
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2017) - In: Consensus et représentation. Actes p. 513-531

4Essay  L'ordre du jour politique des assemblées représentatives des Pays-Bas aux XIVe et XVe siècles
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2017) - In: Etudes Jean-Marie Cauchies p. 25-41

5Essay  Looking Christ in the Eyes. Emperor Charles V as Protector of the Church
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2017) - In: Cristo e il potere. Teologia, antropologia e politica p. 295-304

6Essay  European integration from the seaside: a comparative synthesis
Blockmans, Willem PieterWubs-Mrozewicz, Justyna. (2017) - In: The Routledge handbook of maritime trade around Europe 1300-1600 p. 446-480

7Articles  The Medieval Roots of the Constitution of the United Provinces
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2017) - In: The Medieval Low Countries. An Annual Review vol. 4 (2017) p. 215-248

8Essay  Maritime trade around Europe 1300-1600: commercial networks and urban autonomy
Blockmans, Willem PieterKrom, Michail MarkovicWubs-Mrozewicz, Justyna. (2017) - In: The Routledge handbook of maritime trade around Europe 1300-1600 p. 1-13

9Collection of Essays  The Routledge handbook of maritime trade around Europe 1300-1600
Blockmans, Willem PieterKrom, Michail MarkovicWubs-Mrozewicz, Justyna [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2017)

10Essay  Economische dynamiek: verstedelijking, regionale complementariteit en Europese roeping
Blockmans, Willem PieterDe Munck, BertStabel, Peter. (2016) - In: Gouden Eeuwen. Stad en samenleving in de Lage Landen, 1100-1600 p. 31-76

11Essay  Regional Interactions. Some Afterthoughts
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2015) - In: Economies, Public Finances, and the Impact of Institutional Changes in Interregional Perspective p. 163-172

12Essay  Les fondements de la légitimité politique des communes flamandes
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2015) - In: La légitimité implicite Pt. 2 p. 141-160

13Essay  Constructing the Concept of Civil Rights. The Experience of Citizens in the Low Countries, 12th to 16th Century
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2015) - In: Medieval origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th centuries p. 223-247

14Monographie  Introduction to medieval Europe: 300 - 1500
Blockmans, Willem PieterHoppenbrouwers, Peter C. M.. - London [u.a.] (2014)

15Essay  Beau, fort et fertile: l'idéal du corps princier
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2014) - In: Le Corps du Prince p. 767-781

16Essay  Wie beherrscht man eine reiche Peripherie ? Integration und Widerstand in den habsburgischen Niederlanden 1477-1581
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2013) - In: Habsburger Herrschaft vor Ort - weltweit (1300-1600) p. 169-186

17Essay  Conclusion: une cour, XVII principautés
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2013) - In: La cour de Bourgogne et l'Europe. Le rayonnement et les limites p. 785-796

18Essay  Urbanisation in the European Middle Ages: Phases of Openness and Occlusion
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2012) - In: Living in the city. Urban institutions in the Low Countries, 1200 - 2010 p. 16-31

19Essay  Zeehavens als drijvende kracht van de stedelijke regio's
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2011) - In: Opstellen Dick de Boer p. 13-26

20Essay  Cities, networks and territories. North-central Italy and the Low Countries reconsidered
Blockmans, Willem Pieter. (2011) - In: Studi Giorgio Chittolini (2011) p. 43-54

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 318