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1Essay  Benedict XII and the Outbreak of the Hundred Years' War
Bombi, Barbara. (2018) - In: Pope Benedict XII (1334-1342). The Guardian of Orthodoxy p. 191-216

2Essay  La proiezione verso l'esterno della Chiesa: attività missionarie nei primi due decenni dei XIII secolo
Bombi, Barbara. (2017) - In: Spazio e mobilità nella societas christiana secoli X-XIII p. 141-166

3Essay  The Fifth Crusade and the conversion of the Muslims
Bombi, Barbara. (2017) - In: The Fifth Crusade in Context. The Crusading Movement in the Early Thirteenth Century p. 68-91

4Articles  The English Crown and the Election of Pope John XXII
Bombi, Barbara. (2017) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 68 (2017) p. 260-284

5Essay  Innocent III and the Baltic Crusade after the Conquest of Constantinople
Bombi, Barbara. (2016) - In: Crusading on the edge. Ideas and practice of crusading in Iberia and the Baltic Region p. 117-134

6Collection of Essays  Textus Roffensis: Law, Language, and Libraries in Early Medieval England
O'Brien, Bruce R.Bombi, Barbara [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2015)

7Essay  The "Avignon Captivity" as a Means of Success. The Circle of the Frescobaldi
Bombi, Barbara. (2014) - In: Images and Words in Exile, Avignon and Italy in the First Half of the 14th Century p. 271-288

8Essay  Papal legates and their preaching of the crusades in England between the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries
Bombi, Barbara. (2014) - In: Legati, delegati e l'impresa d'Oltremare (secoli XII-XIII) p. 211-262

9Articles  The Debate on the Baltic Crusades and the Making of Europe
Bombi, Barbara. (2013) - In: History Compass vol. 11 (2013) p. 751-764

10Essay  The role of judges delegate in England. The dispute between the archbishops of Canterbury St. Augustine's Abbey in the thirteenth century
Bombi, Barbara. (2012) - In: Legati e delegati papali nei secoli XII e XIII p. 221-260

11Essay  The Teutonic Order and the papacy
Bombi, Barbara. (2012) - In: As Ordens Militares. Freires, Guerreiros, Cavaleiros Pt. 1 p. 455-464

12Essay  An Archival Network: The Teutonic Knights between the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century
Bombi, Barbara. (2012) - In: International religious networks p. 83-95

13Articles  The Roman rolls of Edward II as a source of administrative and diplomatic practice in the early fourteenth century
Bombi, Barbara. (2012) - In: Historical Research vol. 85 (2012) p. 597-616

14Essay  Legittimazione e tempo. GH archivi dei procuratori di curia all'inizio del XIV secolo
Bombi, Barbara. (2010) - In: Paradoxien der Legitimation p. 295-306

15Articles  The 'Babylonian captivity' of Petracco di ser Parenzo dell'Incisa, father of Francesco Petrarca
Bombi, Barbara. (2010) - In: Historical Research vol. 83 (2010) p. 431-444

16Collection of Essays  I cristiani e il favoloso Egitto: una relazione dall'Oriente e La storia di Damietta di Oliviero da Colonia.
Settia, Aldo Angelo [Ed.]. Andenna, GiancarloBombi, Barbara [Publ.]. - Genova (2009)

17Essay  Petitioning between England and Avignon in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century
Bombi, Barbara. (2009) - In: Medieval petitions. Grace and grievance p. 64-81

18Essay  Introduzione
Bombi, Barbara. (2009) - In: I cristiani e il favoloso Egitto p. 7-44

19Essay  Celestine III and the Conversion of the Heathen on the Baltic Frontier
Bombi, Barbara. (2008) - In: Pope Celestine III, 1191-1198. Diplomat and pastor p. 145-158

20Articles  Andrea Sapiti: His Origins, and His Register as a Curial Proctor
Bombi, Barbara. (2008) - In: The English Historical Review vol. 123 (2008) p. 132-148

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