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Descriptors: Bos, Egbert Peter (1947-)

1Collection of Essays  Anonymi introductiones montane maiores
Bos, Egbert PeterSpruyt, Joke [Publ.]. - Louvain-la-Neuve (2017)

2Monographie  Commentary on the "old logic": critical edition with introduction and indexes / Nicholas of Amsterdam
Nicolaus <de Amsterdam>. Bos, Egbert Peter [Publ.]. - Amsterdam (2016)

3Collection of Essays  Medieval supposition theory revisited: studies in memory of L.M. de Rijk
Braakhuis, Henk A. G.Duba, William OwenKneepkens, Corneille HenriSchabel, Christopher [Ed.]. Bos, Egbert Peter [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2013)

4Essay  Introduction
Bos, Egbert PeterSundholm, B. G.. (2013) - In: Medieval supposition theory revisited p. 3-11

5Essay  Master Albert
Bos, Egbert PeterVerboon, Annemieke Rosalinde. (2012) - In: FS Olga Weijers p. 335-360

6Essay  Henricus de Coesfeldia
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2012) - In: FS Olga Weijers p. 217-232

7Essay  Terms, Properties of
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2011) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy. Philosophy between 500 and 1500 p. 1250-1258

8Essay  Marsilius of Inghen on the Principle of Non-Contradiction
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2011) - In: Logic and language in the Middle Ages p. 403-418

9Essay  Richard Billingham
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2011) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy. Philosophy between 500 and 1500 p. 1118-1120

10Articles  Nicolaas van Amsterdam, Commentary on the Old Logic'
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2011) - In: Onbekend tijdschrift Wijsbegeerte vol. 14 (2011) p. 233-298

11Essay  Richard Billingham's 'Speculum puerorum', Some Medieval Commentaries and Aristotle
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2007) - In: The many roots of medieval logic p. 230-243

12Articles  Richard Billingham's Speculum puerorum, Some Medieval Commentaries and Aristotle
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2007) - In: Vivarium vol. 45 (2007) p. 360-373

13Essay  An Anonymous Commentary on the Second Part of Alexander de Villa Dei's Doctrinale (circa 1400)
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2006) - In: Intellect et imagination dans la philosophie médiévale Pt. 3 p. 1743-1756

14Essay  Augustinus, de Heilige Geest en de rede: het Commentaar (begin) op Paulus' Brief aan de Romeinen
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2006) - In: Tussen Augustinus en atheïsme p. 7-27

15Essay  Richard Billingham's Logic in his Mirror of Youngsters
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2005) - In: Liber amicorum Hubert Hubien p. 73-94

16Collection of Essays  Logica modernorum in Prague about 1400: The sophistria disputation 'Quoniam quatuor' (ms Cracow, Jagiellonian Library 686, ff. 1ra-79rb) with partial reconstruction of Thomas of Cleve's 'Logica'
Bos, Egbert Peter [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2004)

17Articles  Semantics and Literal Exposition in Henry of Ghent's Regular Lecture on the BibL, (1275-76)
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2004) - In: Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis vol. 84 (2004) p. 71-94

18Essay  Francis of Meyronnes on relation and transcendentals
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2003) - In: FS Jan A. Aertsen (2003) p. 320-336

19Essay  Petrus Thomae on Unity that is less than Numerical
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2003) - In: La tradition médiévale des catégories, XIIe - XVe siècles p. 207-224

20Essay  John Versor's Albertism in his commentaries on Porphyry and the "Categories"
Bos, Egbert Peter. (2002) - In: Etudes Zénon Kaluza p. 47-78

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