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Descriptors: Bovey, Alixe (1974-)

1Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Bovey, Alixe. (2016)

2Essay  'From material to immaterial things': Gothic art and immaterial culture
Bovey, Alixe. (2015) - In: The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity 1050-1500 p. 197-216

3Essay  Communion and Community: Eucharistie Narratives and their Audience in the Smithfield Decretals
Bovey, Alixe. (2013) - In: The social life of illumination p. 53-82

4Collection of Essays  Medieval art, architecture & archaeology at Canterbury
Bovey, Alixe [Publ.]. - Leeds (2013)

5Monographie  Jean de Carpentin's Book of Hours: the genius of the Master of the Dresden Prayer Book
Bovey, Alixe. - London (2011)

6Essay  Chronicles of England
Bovey, Alixe. (2010) - In: Lambeth Palace Library. Treasures from the collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury p. 75-77

7Essay  The Wollaton Antiphonal: Kinship and Commemoration
Bovey, Alixe. (2010) - In: The Wollaton medieval manuscripts. Texts, owners and readers p. 30-40

8Collection of Essays  Under the influence: the concept of influence and the study of illuminated manuscripts
Bovey, AlixeLowden, John [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2007)

9Essay  Introduction
Bovey, Alixe. (2007) - In: Under the influence. the concept of influence and the study of illuminated manuscripts p. VIIff.

10Monographie  Monstruos y grutescos en los manuscritos medievales
Bovey, Alixe. - Madrid (2006)

11Collection of Essays  The Chaworth Roll: a fourteenth-century genealogy of the Kings of England ; [Exhibition of the Chaworth Roll at Sam Fogg, London, between 3 - 24 March 2005]
Bovey, Alixe [Publ.]. - London (2005)

12Articles  A pictorial "ex libris" in the Smithfield Decretals: John Batayle, Canon of St Bartholomew's, and his illuminated law book
Bovey, Alixe. (2002) - In: English manuscript studies 1100-1700 vol. 10 (2002) p. 60-82

13Monographie  Monsters and grotesques in medieval manuscripts
Bovey, Alixe. - London (2002)

14Monographie  Didactic distractions framing the law. The Smithfield Decretals
Bovey, Alixe. - [University of London] (2001)

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