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Descriptors: Bowersock, Glen Warren (1936-)

1Monographie  Throne of Adulis: Red Sea wars on the eve of Islam
Bowersock, Glen Warren. - Oxford [u.a.] (2013)

2Monographie  Empires in collision in late antiquity
Bowersock, Glen Warren. - Waltham, Mass (2012)

3Articles  Nonnosus and Byzantine diplomacy in Arabia
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2012) - In: Rivista storica italiana vol. 124 (2012) p. 282-290

4Articles  Helena's Bridle, Ethiopian Christianity, and Syriac Apocalyptic
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2010) - In: Studia patristica vol. 45 (2010) p. 211-220

5Articles  Parabalani: A Terrorist Charity in Late Antiquity .
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2010) - In: Anabases vol. 12 (2010) p. 45-54

6Articles  Lebendiges Vermächtnis. Ohne Byzanz wäre Europa undenkbar
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2009) - In: Merkur. Deutsche Zeitschrift für europäisches Denken vol. 63 (2009) p. 136-143

7Essay  Old and New Rome in the Late Antique Near East
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2009) - In: Essays Peter Brown (2009) p. 37-50

8Essay  Helena's bridle and the chariot of Ethiopia
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2008) - In: Antiquity in Antiquity. Jewish and Christian pasts in the Greco-Roman world p. 383-393

9Monographie  On the donation of Constantine / Lorenzo Valla
Valla, Laurentius. Bowersock, Glen Warren [Ed.]. - Cambridge (2007)

10Essay  Hellenism and Islam
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2007) - In: Late antique and medieval art of the Mediterranean world p. 85-96

11Monographie  Mosaics as history: the Near East from late antiquity to Islam
Bowersock, Glen Warren. - Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.] (2006)

12Essay  The East-West Orientation of Mediterranean Studies and the Meaning of North and South in Antiquity
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2005) - In: Rethinking the Mediterranean p. 167-178

13Essay  Histoire et archéologie de l'Antiquité tardive
Bowersock, Glen WarrenDuval, Noëlu.a.. (2005) - In: Tissus et vêtements dans l'Antiquité Tardive p. 415-433

14Essay  The Hadramawt between Persia and Byzantium
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2004) - In: La Persia e Bisanzio p. 263-274

15Articles  Riflessioni sulla periodizzazione dopo Esplosione di tardoantico di Andrea Giardina
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2004) - In: Studi storici. Rivista trimestrale vol. 45 (2004) p. 7-14

16Articles  The mosaic inscription in the Nile Festival Building at Sepphoris: the House of the daughter of the governor Procopius (A.D. 517-18?) and her husband Asbolius Patricius
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2004) - In: Journal of Roman archaeology vol. 17 (2004) p. 764-765

17Essay  Burckhardt on Late Antiquity. From the Constantin to the Griechische Kulturgeschichte
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2004) - In: Begegnungen mit Jacob Burckhardt p. 215-228

18Essay  Chalcis ad Belum and Anasartha in Byzantine Syria
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2002) - In: Mélanges Gilbert Dagron p. 47-55

19Essay  Peter and Constantine
Bowersock, Glen Warren. (2002) - In: Etudes Lellia Cracco Ruggini p. 209-217

20Collection of Essays  Interpreting late antiquity: essays on the postclassical world
Bowersock, Glen WarrenBrown, Peter Robert LamontGrabar, Oleg [Publ.]. - Cambridge, Mass. (2001)

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