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1Articles  Restoration or Invention? Archbishop Cisneros and the Mozarabic Rite in Toledo
Boynton, Susan. (2015) - In: Yale journal of music and religion vol. 1 (2015) p. 5-30

2Collection of Essays  Resounding images: medieval intersections of art music, and sound
Boynton, SusanReilly, Diane J. [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2015)

3Essay  Sound and linage in the Middle Ages. Reflections on a Conjunction
Boynton, SusanReilly, Diane J.. (2015) - In: Resounding images. Medieval intersections of art music, and sound p. 15-30

4Essay  Reproducing the Middle Ages in Eighteenth-Century Toledo
Boynton, Susan. (2013) - In: City, chant, and the topography of early music p. 189-204

5Essay  La liturgie de Cluny avant l'abbatiat d'Hugues: problématique de la recherche
Boynton, Susan. (2013) - In: Cluny. Les moines et la société au premier âge féodal p. 137-144

6Essay  From Book to Song: Texts Accompanying the Man of Sorrows in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Boynton, Susan. (2013) - In: New perspectives on the Man of Sorrows p. 117-146

7Essay  Burriel, Palomares y el estudio del rito hispánico en el siglo XVIII
Boynton, Susan. (2013) - In: El canto mozárabe y su entorno p. 647ff.

8Essay  The Language, Form, and Performance of Monophonic Liturgical Chants
Boynton, SusanFassler, Margot Elsbeth. (2012) - In: The Oxford handbook of medieval Latin literature p. 376-402

9Articles  Troubadour Song as Performance: A Context for Guiraut Riquier's 'Pus sabers no.m val ni sens'
Boynton, Susan. (2012) - In: Current musicology vol. 94 (2012) p. 7-36

10Essay  Oral Transmission of Liturgical Practice in the Eleventh-Century Customaries of Cluny
Boynton, Susan. (2011) - In: Understanding monastic practices of oral communication p. 67-83

11Essay  The Bible and the Liturgy
Boynton, Susan. (2011) - In: The practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages p. 10-33

12Collection of Essays  The practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages: production, reception, and performance in Western Christianity
Boynton, SusanReilly, Diane J. [Publ.]. - New York, NY (2011)

13Essay  Junge Sänger in mittelalterlichen Klöstern und Kathedralen
Boynton, Susan. (2011) - In: Musica. Geistliche und weltliche Musik des Mittelalters p. 104-105

14Essay  Plainsong
Boynton, Susan. (2011) - In: The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Music p. 9-25

15Essay  Orientation for the Reader
Boynton, SusanReilly, Diane J.. (2011) - In: The practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages p. 1-9

16Essay  Writing History with Liturgy
Boynton, Susan. (2010) - In: Representing history, 900 - 1300. Art, music, history p. 187-200

17Essay  Medieval Musical Education as Seen through Sources Outside the Realm of Music Theory
Boynton, Susan. (2010) - In: Music education in the Middle ages and the Renaissance p. 52-64

18Articles  A Monastic Death Ritual from the Imperial Abbey of Farfa
Boynton, Susan. (2009) - In: Traditio vol. 64 (2009) p. 57-84

19Essay  Emblems of Lament in Latin and Vernacular Song
Boynton, Susan. (2009) - In: The church and vernacular literature in medieval France p. 224-250

20Essay  Women's Performance of the Lyric before 1500
Boynton, Susan. (2009) - In: Poets and singers. On latin and vernacular monophonic song p. 111-134

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