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Descriptors: Brakke, David (1961-)

1Essay  Reading the New Testament and Transforming the Self in Evagrius of Pontus
Brakke, David. (2013) - In: Asceticism and exegesis in Early Christianity p. 284-299

2Articles  Macarius's Quest and ours: literary sources for early Egyptian monasticism
Brakke, David. (2013) - In: Cistercian studies quarterly vol. 48 (2013) p. 239-251

3Articles  A new fragment of Athanasius's thirty-ninth "Festal letter": heresy, Apocrypha, and the Canon
Brakke, David. (2010) - In: The Harvard theological review vol. 103 (2010) p. 47-66

4Articles  The body as/at the boundary of Gnosis
Brakke, David. (2009) - In: Journal of early Christian studies vol. 17 (2009) p. 195-214

5Monographie  Talking back: a monastic handbook for combating demons / Evagrius of Pontus
Evagrius <Ponticus>. Brakke, David [Ed.]. - Trappist, KY (2009)

6Essay  The East (2): Egypt and Palestine
Brakke, David. (2008) - In: The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies p. 342-363

7Essay  Care for the poor, fear of poverty, and love of money: Evagrius Ponticus on the monk's economic vulnerability
Brakke, David. (2008) - In: Wealth and poverty in early church and society p. 76-87

8Essay  From Temple to Ceil, from Gods to Demons: Pagan Temples in the Monastic Topography of Fourth-Century Egypt
Brakke, David. (2008) - In: From temple to church. Destruction and renewal of local cultic topography in late antiquity p. 91-112

9Essay  Shenoute, Weber, and the monastic prophet: ancient and modern articulations of ascetic authority
Brakke, David. (2007) - In: Foundations of power and conflicts of authority in late-antique monasticism p. 47-74

10Collection of Essays  Beyond reception: mutual influences between antique religion, Judaism, and Early Christianity
Brakke, David [Publ.]. - Frankfurt a. M. (2006)

11Essay  Self-differentiation among Christian Groups: The Gnostics and Their Opponents
Brakke, David. (2006) - In: The Cambridge history of christianity. 1. Origins to Constantin p. 593-626

12Collection of Essays  Religion and the self in antiquity
Brakke, David [Publ.]. - Bloomington, Ind. [u.a.] (2005)

13Essay  Making public the monastic life: reading the self in Evagrius Ponticus'"talking back"
Brakke, David. (2005) - In: Religion and the self in antiquity p. 222-233

14Monographie  Demons and the making of the monk: spiritual combat in early Christianity
Brakke, David. - Cambridge, Mass. (2005)

15Articles  The Lady Appears: Materializations of "Woman" in Early Monastic Literature
Brakke, David. (2003) - In: The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies vol. 33 (2003) p. 387-402

16Sachtitel  Pseudo-Athanasius on Virginity
Brakke, David [Publ.]. - Lovanii (2002)

17Essay  Introduction
Brakke, David. (2002) - In: Reading in Christian communities p. 1-13

18Collection of Essays  Reading in Christian communities: essays on interpretation in the early church
Bobertz, Charles A.Brakke, David [Publ.]. - Notre Dame, Ind. (2002)

19Articles  The making of monastic demonology: three ascetic teachers on withdrawal and resistance
Brakke, David. (2001) - In: Church history vol. 70 (2001) p. 19-48

20Articles  Ethiopian Demons: Male Sexuality, the Black-Skinned Other, and the Monastic Self
Brakke, David. (2001) - In: Journal of the history of sexuality vol. 10 (2001) p. 501-535

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