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Descriptors: Bright, James Wilson (1852-1926)

1Sachtitel  Bright's Old English grammar & reader
Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - New York (1971)

2Sachtitel  Bright's Anglo-Saxon reader
Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - New York (1935)

3Articles  Notes on the 'Introductions' of the West-Saxon Psalms
Bright, James WilsonRamsay, Robert L.. (1911 - 1912) - In: The journal of theological studies vol. 13 (1911-1912) p. 520-558

4Monographie  The elements of English versification
Bright, James WilsonMiller, Raymond D.. - Boston (1910)

5Articles  Pan's pipe, three pastoral eclogues, with other verses, by Francis Sabie (1595)
Bright, James WilsonMustard, Wilfred P.. (1910) - In: Modern philology vol. 7, 4 (1910) p. 1-32

6Sachtitel  The West-Saxon Psalms: being the prose portion, or the 'first fifty', of the so-called Paris Psalter
Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Boston [u.a.] (1907)

7Monographie  The Gospel of Saint Luke in West-Saxon = Euangelium secundum Lucam
Lucas <Evangelista>. Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Boston [u.a.] (1906)

8Monographie  The Gospel of Saint Mark in West-Saxon = Euangelium secundum Marcum
Marcus <Evangelista>. Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Boston [u.a.] (1905)

9Monographie  The Gospel of Saint Matthew in West-Saxon
Matthaeus <Apostolus>. Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Boston [u.a.] (1904)

10Monographie  The Gospel of Saint John: in West Saxon = Euangelium secundum Iohannem
Johannes <Apostolus>. Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Boston [u.a.] (1904)

11Monographie  The Gospel of Saint Lucas in Anglo-Saxon
Lucas <Evangelista>. Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - Oxford (1893)

12Collection of Essays  An Anglo-Saxon reader
Bright, James Wilson [Publ.]. - London (1892)

13Articles  The origin of the English "much"
Bright, James Wilson. (1888) - In: American journal of philology vol. 9 (1888) p. 219-220

14Monographie  A discussion of the verbal forms in king Alfred's west-saxon version of Gregory's 'De cura pastorali'
Bright, James Wilson. - [Johns Hopkins University] (1882)

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