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1Articles  Court Sites of Arctic Norway: Remains of Thing Sites and Representations of Political Consolidation Processes in the Northern Germanic World during the First Millennium AD?
Brink, StefanGrimm, OliverIversen, Frodeu.a.. (2011) - In: Norwegian archaeological review vol. 44 (2011) p. 89-117

2Essay  Mediality and Usage of Medical Laws: the Case of the Hälsinge Law
Brink, Stefan. (2011) - In: Liber amicorum Ditlev Tamm p. 71-74

3Essay  Oral Fragments in the Earliest Old Swedish Laws?
Brink, Stefan. (2011) - In: Medieval Legal Process. Physical, Spoken and Written Performance in the Middle Ages p. 147-156

4Essay  Pastoral Care before the Parish: Aspects of the Early Ecclesiastical Organization of Scandinavia, especially Sweden
Brink, Stefan. (2010) - In: England and the Continent in the Tenth Century p. 399-410

5Articles  Är Forsaringen medeltida?
Brink, Stefan. (2010) - In: Hälsingerunor (2010) p. 109-117

6Collection of Essays  The Viking world
Brink, Stefan [Publ.]. - London (2008)

7Essay  People and land in Early Scandinavia
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: Franks, Northmen, and Slavs. Identities and State Formation in Early Medieval Europe p. 87-112

8Essay  Naming the land
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) p. 57-66

9Essay  Law and society: polities and legal customs in Viking Scandinavia
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) p. 23-31

10Essay  Who were the Vikings?
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) p. 4-11

11Essay  Slavery in the Viking Age
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) p. 49-56

12Essay  Christianisation and the emergence of the early Church in Scandinavia
Brink, Stefan. (2008) - In: The Viking world (2008) p. 621-628

13Essay  How Uniform Was the Old Norse Religion?
Brink, Stefan. (2007) - In: Essays Margaret Clunies Ross p. 105-136

14Essay  The kingdom of Sweden
Blomkvist, NilsBrink, StefanLindkvist, Thomas. (2007) - In: Christianization and the Rise of Christian Monarchy. Scandinavia, Central Europe and Rus' c.900-1200 p. 167-213

15Essay  Geography, toponymy and political organisation in early Scandinavia
Brink, Stefan. (2007) - In: Ohthere's Voyages. A late 9th-century account of voyages p. 66-75

16Essay  Ortnamn och bebyggelse i Tierpsbygden
Brink, Stefan. (2007) - In: Land och samhälle i förändring p. 697-713

17Essay  Some aspects of the christianization of Sweden and early church organization
Brink, Stefan. (2005) - In: Church Centres. Church Centres in Iceland and their Parallels in other Countries p. 201-209

18Articles  De jämtländska ödesbölena
Brink, Stefan. (2005) - In: Namn och bygd vol. 93 (2005) p. 81-87

19Collection of Essays  Namenwelten: Orts- und Personennamen in historischer Sicht ; Gewidmet Thorsten Andersson zu seinem 75. Geburtstag
Nahl, Astrid vanElmevik, LennartBrink, Stefan [Publ.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2004)

20Essay  New perspectives on the Christianization of Scandinavia and the organization of the early church
Brink, Stefan. (2004) - In: Scandinavia and Europe 800-1350. Contact, Conflict, and Coexistence p. 163-175

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