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Descriptors: Burnett, Charles (1951-)

1Collection of Essays  Time, astronomy and calendars in the Jewish tradition
Stern, SachaBurnett, Charles [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2014)

2Essay  Doctors versus Astrologers: Medica) and Astrological Prognosis Compared
Burnett, Charles. (2013) - In: Die mantischen Künste und die Epistemologie prognostischer Wissenschaften p. 101-112

3Essay  The Legend of Constantine the African
Burnett, Charles. (2013) - In: Mittelalterliche Legenden von Philosophen und Gelehrten p. 277-294

4Essay  The Legend of Constantine the African
Burnett, Charles. (2013) - In: The Medieval legend of philosophers and scholars p. 277-294

5Essay  Doctors versus astrologers: medical and astrological prognosis compared
Burnett, Charles. (2013) - In: Die mantischen Künste und die Epistemologie prognostischer Wissenschaften p. 101-111

6Collection of Essays  Ritual healing: magic, ritual and medical therapy from antiquitiy until the early modern period
Csepregi, IldikóBurnett, Charles [Publ.]. - Firenze (2012)

7Collection of Essays  Medieval Arabic thought: essays in honour of Fritz Zimmermann
Hansberger, RotraudAfifi al-Akiti, MuhammadBurnett, Charles [Publ.]. - London (2012)

8Essay  John of Gmunden's Astrological Library
Burnett, Charles. (2012) - In: Johannes von Gmunden - zwischen Astronomie und Astrologie p. 55-72

9Essay  Al-Qabïsîs Introduction to Astrology: From Courtly Entertainment to University Textbook
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Studies Gad Freudenthal p. 43-70

10Essay  Jacopo Angeli's introduction to his Latin translation of the Geography
Angeli, Jacopo. Burnett, Charles [Ed.]. (2011) - In: Ptolemy's "Geography" in the Renaissance p. 225-230

11Essay  The Arrival of the Pagan Philosophers in the North: A Twelfth-Century Florilegium in Edinburgh University Library
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Essays David Luscombe p. 79-94

12Essay  The Astrologer's Advice in Matters of War
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Studi David S. Chambers p. 252-258

13Essay  William of Conches and Adelard of Bath
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Guillaume de Conches. Philosophie et science au XIIe siècle p. 67-78

14Essay  Two approaches to natural science in Toledo of the twelfth Century
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Christlicher Norden - Muslimischer Süden. Ansprüche und Wirklichkeiten p. 69-80

15Collection of Essays  Ptolemy's "Geography" in the Renaissance: [colloquium held at the Warburg Institute in June 2003]
Shalev, ZurBurnett, Charles [Publ.]. - London (2011)

16Essay  The Five Senses in Ramon Llull's Liber contemplationis in Deum
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Gottes Schau und Weltbetrachtung. Interpretationen zum "Liber contemplationis" p. 181-208

17Articles  New manuscripts of "On the astrolabe" by Raymond of Marseilles
Caiazzo, IrèneBurnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Scriptorium vol. 65 (2011) p. 338-349

18Essay  The Latin Versions of Maimonides' On Sexual Intercourse (De coitu)
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Between text and patient. The medical enterprise p. 467-480

19Essay  Communities of Learning in Twelfth-Century Toledo
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Communities of learning. Networks and the shaping of intellectual identity in Europe p. 9-18

20Essay  Experimentum and Ratio in the Salernitan Summa de saporibus et odoribus
Burnett, Charles. (2011) - In: Expertus sum. L'expérience par les sens dans la philosophie naturelle médiévale p. 337-358

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 223