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Descriptors: Burrell, David B. (1933-)

1Articles  Using Aquinas to Rescue Analogical Understanding
Burrell, David B.. (2016) - In: Quaestiones Disputatae vol. 6, 1 (2016) p. 26-32

2Articles  "Creatio Ex Nihilo" Recovered
Burrell, David B.. (2013) - In: Modern theology vol. 29, 2 (2013) p. 5-21

3Articles  Creatio ex nihilo - on the mutual incorporation of theology and philosophy in Thomas Aquinas: an appreciation of Sacra Doctrina: reason and revelation in Aquinas
Burrell, David B.. (2013) - In: Svensk teologisk kvartalskrift vol. 89 (2013) p. 4-8

4Essay  Aquinas and Jewish and Islamic Authors
Burrell, David B.. (2012) - In: The Oxford handbook of Aquinas p. 65-76

5Monographie  Towards a Jewish -Christian-Muslim Theology
Burrell, David B.. - Oxford (2011)

6Essay  Ibn 'Arabi and Meister Eckhart
Burrell, David B.. (2011) - In: Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim theology p. 108-111

7Monographie  Learning to Trust in Freedom: Signs from Jewish, Christian and Muslim Traditions
Burrell, David B.. - Scranton (2010)

8Collection of Essays  Creation and the God of Abraham
Burrell, David B.Cogliati, CarloSoskice, Janet M.Stoeger, William R. [Publ.]. - Cambridge (2010)

9Essay  The Unknowability of God in al-Ghazali
Burrell, David B.. (2010) - In: Islam (Sage benchmarks in religious studies) Pt. 2 p. 43-54

10Essay  The Islamic Contribution to Medieval Philosophical Theology
Burrell, David B.. (2010) - In: A companion to philosophy of religion p. 99-105

11Essay  Existence Deriving from 'the Existent': Mulla Sadra with Ibn Sina and al-Suhrawardi
Burrell, David B.. (2009) - In: Avicenna and his legacy. A golden age of science philosophy p. 249-255

12Essay  Albert, Aquinas, and Dionysius
Burrell, David B.Moulin, Isabelle. (2009) - In: Re-thinking Dionysius the Areopagite p. 103-120

13Monographie  When Faith and Reason Meet: the Legacy of John Zahm CSC
Burrell, David B.. - Notre Dame (2009)

14Articles  Postmodern Aquinas: With Attention to Aquinas's Relation to Scotus: Language or Logic
Burrell, David B.. (2008) - In: Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association vol. 82 (2008) p. 27-30

15Articles  Maimonides, Aquinas and Ghazali: distinguishing God from world
Burrell, David B.. (2008) - In: The Scottish journal of religious studies vol. 61 (2008) p. 270-287

16Monographie  Deconstructing Theodicy: A Philosophical Commentary on Job
Burrell, David B.. - Grand Rapids (2008)

17Articles  Albert, Aquinas, and Dionysius
Burrell, David B.Moulin, Isabelle. (2008) - In: Modern theology vol. 24 (2008) p. 633-649

18Monographie  Aquinas: God and Action
Burrell, David B.. - Scranton (2008)

19Articles  Islamic Philosophical Theology and the West
Burrell, David B.. (2007) - In: Islamochristiana vol. 33 (2007) p. 75-90

20Monographie  The ninety-nine beautiful names of God: al-Maqsad al-asna fi sharh asma Allah al-husna- / Al-Ghazali
Gazzali, Abu-Hamid Muhammad Ibn-Muhammad al-. Burrell, David B.Daher, Nazih [Ed.]. - Cambridge (2007)

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