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1Essay  Geographesis, or the Afterlife of Britain in Chaucer
Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome. (2020) - In: The Oxford Handbook of Chaucer p. 547-562

2Essay  Conceptualising "Asia", "Africa" and "Europa" in a Polemic on the Origin of Bohemians (1615-1617): Supranational Geographical Units and a Humanist Competition for "National Honour"
Storchová, Lucie. (2020) - In: Contesting Europe. Comparative perspectives on early modern discourses on Europe, 1400-1800 p. 228-247

3Monographie  Piante icnografiche e prospettiche di Roma anteriori al secolo XVI: storia topografia e cartografica di Roma dalle origini al Rinascimento
De Rossi, Giovanni Battista. - Roma (2020)

4Essay  Myth-Generated Geography: Tintagel Castle
Oanca, Monica. (2020) - In: Miroirs arthuriens entre images et mirages p. 149-158

5Monographie  In viaggio con i padri della letteratura italiana: Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio: saggi di geografia letteraria
Cavalieri, Raffaella. - Torino (2020)

6Essay  Conceptions et représentations géographiques du haut Moyen Age: conditions, techniques intellectuelles, évolutions
Gautier Dalché, Patrick. (2020) - In: La conoscenza scientifica nell'Alto Medioevo p. 335-378

7Essay  La Toscana del basso Medioevo: spazio geografico, territorio amministrato, coscienza territoriale
Pinto, Giuliano. (2020) - In: Autocoscienza del territorio, storie e miti p. 167-182

8Essay  Deux, trois, cent Italies: Réflexions pour une géographie historique des systèmes dotaux
Chabot, Isabelle. (2020) - In: Comparing two Italies. Civic tradition, trade networks, family relationships p. 211-232

9Articles  Sacra ethonogeographica celtica. Mythos, epos e religio nelle fonti classiche e tardoantiche della Britannia e dell'Irlanda
Iannello, Fausto. (2020) - In: Fortunatae vol. 31 (2020) p. 45-63

10Articles  Svalbarðs fundr. The place name Svalbard and its connotations in medieval and modern literature and cartography
Chekin, Leonid S.. (2020) - In: Nordlit vol. 45 (2020) p. 18-38

11Essay  The mission of bishop Israyel in the context of the historical geography of Caucasian Albania
Gadjiev, Murtazali S.. (2020) - In: From Albania to Arran. The East Caucasus between the Ancient and Islamic Worlds p. 101-120

12Essay  Historische Kartenüberlieferung in Archiven
Kemper, Joachim. (2020) - In: Raum und Recht. Visualisierung von Rechtsansprüchen in der Vormoderne p. 155-164

13Monographie  John Plousiadenos (1423?-1500): a time-space geography of his life and career
Despotakis, Eleftherios. - Leuven (2020)

14Essay  Cartographic Manipulations: Framing the Centre of Europe in ca. 1500
Piechocki, Katharina N.. (2020) - In: Contesting Europe. Comparative perspectives on early modern discourses on Europe, 1400-1800 p. 149-173

15Essay  Malory's Sandwich: Marginalized Arthurian geography and the Global Middle Ages
Roland, Meg. (2020) - In: Rethinking medieval margins and marginality p. 57-69

16Monographie  Cosmographia: de mundi universitate sive megacosmus et microcosmus / Bernardus Silvestris
Bernardus <Silvestris>. Albertazzi, Marco [Publ.]. - Lavis (2020)

17Articles  "La Carne es la Tierra": microcosmic Adam, cartographic Christ in the Libro de Alexandre
Riva, Fernando. (2020) - In: Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies vol. 12 (2020) p. 44-69

18Essay  Symbolic Geography in the Tomb and Seal of Berengaria of Navarre, Queen of England
Nolan, Kathleen. (2019) - In: Moving women moving objects (400-1500) p. 59-85

19Essay  The northern part of the Ocean in the eyes of ancient geograph
Podossinov, Alexander V.. (2019) - In: Contacts and networks in the Baltic Sea Region p. 29-48

20Articles  Anotaciones bibliográficas sobre geografía y cartografía de época medieval (II)
Franco Sánchez, Francisco. (2019) - In: Al-Qantara vol. 40 (2019) p. 455-475

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 9760