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1Collection of Essays  Soul, body, and gender in late antiquity: essays on embodiment and disembodiment
Panaiotov, StanimirJuganaru, AndraTheologou, Anastasia [Publ.]. - Abingdon (2024)

2Book Series Women in the Arts. New Horizons
- Turnhout (2023 -)

3Collection of Essays  Tecnología, ciencia y naturaleza en la historia de las mujeres
Sánchez Romero, MargaritaLlona Gonález, Miren [Publ.]. - Albolote (2023)

4Monographie  Medioevo disvelato: fede, eros e autorappresentazione nei graffiti della Genova dei secoli XI-XIV.
Croce, Cristina. - Genova (2023)

5Essay  Is Mother Superior? Towards a History of Feminine Amtscharisma
Lifshitz, Felice. (2023) - In: Lifshitz, Reading Gender p. [117-138]

6Articles  The Orthodox Woman: Jerome on the Relation Between Asceticism, Orthodoxy, and Gender
Pålsson, Katarina. (2023) - In: Vigiliae christianae vol. 77 (2023) p. 424-446

7Essay  Destructive Dominae: Women and Vengeance in Medievalist Films
Lifshitz, Felice. (2023) - In: Lifshitz, Reading Gender p. [161-190]

8Essay  "Are Women Human?": Authority, Gender, and Dante in Dorothy L. Sayers's Scholarship
Brookman, Helen. (2023) - In: Thinking of the Middle Ages. Midcentury intellectuals and the Middle Ages p. 190-211

9Monographie  Geschlechterverhältnisse in der Krankenfürsorge: Straßburg im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert
Cersovsky, Eva-Maria. - Ostfildern (2023)

10Collection of Essays  Donne di carta: personaggi femminili della letteratura italiana da Dante a Tasso
Tonelli, Natascia [Publ.]. - Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) (2023)

11Essay  Pour une vision relationnelle et performative des masculinités sacerdotales
Mostaccio, Silvia. (2023) - In: Masculinités sacerdotales p. 11-20

12Essay  Apocryphal Acts and Legends of the Apostles as "Feminist" Narratives
Lifshitz, Felice. (2023) - In: Lifshitz, Reading Gender p. [71-81]

13Monographie  Soul, Body, and Gender in Late Antiquity: Essays on Embodiment and Disembodiment
Panayotov, Stanimir. - Milton (2023)

14Essay  Women Missionaries: The Example of Frankish Gaul
Lifshitz, Felice. (2023) - In: Lifshitz, Reading Gender p. [5-33]

15Essay  Verletzte Männlichkeit und geschundene Frauenkörper: Bocaccios Decameron (VIII.7) und Marguerite de Navarres Heptaméron....
Hempe, Katarina. (2023) - In: La Renaissance "trop en corps". Perspectives croisées sur le corps renaissant p. 201-217

16Essay  Holy Foolishness and Gender Transgression in Russian Hagiography from the Middle Ages to Modernity
Mayhew, Nicholas J.. (2023) - In: Essays Simon C. Franklin p. 49-65

17Essay  Die ,Keusche' und die ,Bestie4: Geschlechterdiskurse in Elisabeths von Nassau-Saarbrücken Königin Sibille und Marguerites de Navarre Nouvelle Dixiesme
Pailer, Gaby. (2023) - In: FS Laura Auteri p. 507-516

18Collection of Essays  Women in Arts, Architecture and Literature: Heritage, Legacy and Digital Perspectives: Proceedings of the First Annual International Women in the Arts Conference Rome, 20-22 October 2021
Lollobrigida, ConsueloModesti, Adelina [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2023)

19Articles  Models of female education and household management. Noblewomen in a rural context (Friuli, 16th-18th centuries)
Casella, Laura. (2023) - In: Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome. Moyen Âge vol. 135, 1 (2023) p. 119-135

20Essay  Virtus, Vertues, and Gender: Cultivating a Chivalric Habitus Thomas Malory's Tale of Sir Gareth
Crocker, Holly A.. (2023) - In: Ethics in the Arthurian legend p. 245-270

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 14112