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1Essay  Separation Anxiety: Bede and Threats to Wearmouth and Jarrow
Grocock, Christopher W.. (2014) - In: Bede and the future p. 67-92

2Monographie  Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow: Bede's "Homily" i. 13 on Benedict Biscop, Bede's "History of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow", The Anonymous "Life of Ceolfrith", Bede's "Letter to Egbert, Bishop of York"
Beda <Venerabilis>. Grocock, Christopher W.Wood, Ian N. [Publ.]. - Oxford (2013)

3Essay  Art and Reverence in Bede's Churches at Wearmouth and Jarrow
Chazelle, Celia Martin. (2010) - In: Intellektualisierung und Mystifizierung mittelalterlicher Kunst p. 79-98

4Essay  The gifts of Wearmouth and Jarrow
Wood, Ian N.. (2009) - In: The languages of gift in the early middle ages p. 89-115

5Monographie  The origins of Jarrow: the monastery, the slake and Ecgfrith's minster
Wood, Ian N.. - Jarrow (2008)

6Essay  Industrial craft processes: the evidence from the Jarrow workshops
Mills, SusanCramp, Rosemary J.u.a.. (2006) - In: Cramp, Wearmouth and Jarrow monastic sites p. 470-480

7Essay  Medieval bricks from Jarrow
Cramp, Rosemary J.. (2006) - In: Cramp, Wearmouth and Jarrow monastic sites p. 36

8Essay  Bede's Jarrow
Wood, Ian N.. (2006) - In: A Place to Believe In. Locating medieval landscapes p. 67-84

9Collection of Essays  Wearmouth and Jarrow monastic sites (Vol. 1-2)
Cramp, Rosemary J.. - Swindon (2005 - 2006)

10Essay  Entry point to the "scriptorium" bede knew at Wearmouth and Jarrow: the canon tables of the "Codex Amiatinus"
Beall, Barbara Apelian. (2005) - In: Béde le vénérable entre tradition et postérité p. 187-197

11Monographie  Journeys from Jarrow
Morris, Richard. - Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2004)

12Articles  Sobre el conocimiento del griego en las abadías de Jarrow y Sankt Gallen en época medieval: el literalismo en la traducción
Martínez Angel, Lorenzo. (2004) - In: Estudios humanísticos. Filología vol. 26 (2004) p. 301-306

13Essay  Jarrow
Frassetto, Michael. (2003) - In: Encyclopedia of barbarian Europe p. 219

14Essay  Monkwearmouth and Jarrow in their continental context
Cramp, Rosemary J.. (1999) - In: The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England. Basic Readings p. 137-153

15Essay  Whitby, Jarrow and the commemoration of death in Northumbria
Karkov, Catherine E.. (1999) - In: Northumbria's Golden Age p. 126-135

16Essay  Monkwearmouth (or Wearmouth) and Jarrow
Cramp, Rosemary J.. (1999) - In: The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England p. 325-326

17Articles  Excavations at Church Bank, Jarrow, 1989-91
Speak, StephenMills, SusanCroom, Alexandra T.. (1998) - In: Archaeologia Aeliana Ser. 5, vol. 26 (1998) p. 59-85

18Essay  Bede's scientific achievement. The Jarrow Lecture 1985 (revised 1995)
Stevens, Wesley M.. (1995) - In: Stevens, Cycles of time and scientific learning in medieval Europe p. 1-58

19Collection of Essays  Bede and his World: The Jarrow Lectures (Vol. 1-2)
Lapidge, Michael [Ed.]. - London (1994)

20Essay  The Music of Aldwyn's House at Jarrow and the Early Twelfth-Century Music of Durham Priory
Hughes, Anselm. (1994) - In: Bede and his World. The Jarrow Lectures Pt. 1 p. 320-346

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