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1Articles  The Wirrall Family: Doncaster Merchants, Yorkshire Gentry, and Settlers in Ulster, 1514-1641
Barber, Brian. (2020) - In: The Yorkshire archaeological journal vol. 92 (2020) p. 98-114

2Collection of Essays  Migrating words, migrating merchants, migrating law: trading routes and the development of commercial law
Gialdroni, StefaniaCordes, AlbrechtDauchy, SergePihlajamäki, HeikkiRuysscher, Dave de [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

3Essay  Transfer of Credit, Mercantile Mobility, and Language among Jewish Merchants in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Central and East Central Europe
Aust, Cornelia. (2020) - In: Migrating words, migrating merchants, migrating law p. 232-261

4Essay  Legislating Borders: Naturalized Genoese and Sefardi Merchants in the Ottoman Mediterranean
Akhtar, Ali Humayun. (2020) - In: Studies Ross Brann p. 9-34

5Articles  Mites and merchants: the crisis of English wool and textile trade revisited, c. 1275-1330
Slavin, Philip. (2020) - In: The Economic history review vol. 73 (2020) p. 885-913

6Articles  Negustori de produse din lâna în inscriptiile latinesti [Merchants of Wool Products in Latin Inscriptions]
Dumitrache, Iulia. (2020) - In: Analele stiintifice ale Universitatii "Al. I. Cuza" din Iasi. Istorie vol. 66 (2020) p. 41-50

7Essay  Maritime and River Traders, Landing Places, and Emporia Ports in the Merovingian Period in and around the Low Countries
Tys, Dries. (2020) - In: The Oxford handbook of the Merovingian world p. 765-796

8Essay  Laws - Customs - Conventions: French Merchants and French Legal Doctrines in the Brazilian Law Courts in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
Sonkajärvi, Hanna. (2020) - In: Migrating words, migrating merchants, migrating law p. 289-309

9Articles  To be buried in Seville: the ambiguous integration of Italian merchants, 1480-1570
Ibarra, Richard P.. (2020) - In: Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies vol. 12 (2020) p. 404-424

10Essay  Economic Conditions for Merchants and Traders at the Border Between Egypt and Nubia in Early Islamic Times
Schmidt, Stefanie. (2020) - In: Living the End of Antiquity. Individual Histories from Byzantine to Islamic Egypt p. 207-222

11Essay  Propter Conversationem Diversarum Gentium: Migrating Words and Merchants in Medieval Pisa
Gialdroni, Stefania. (2020) - In: Migrating words, migrating merchants, migrating law p. 28-53

12Articles  Hunters, fishers, traders - an archaeological and zooarchaeological perspective on the development of the late iron age and medieval northern fennoscandian trade network
Kuusela, Jari-MattiSalmi, Anna-KaisaÄikäs, Tiina. (2020) - In: Estonian journal of archaeology vol. 24 (2020) p. 141-160

13Articles  Scholars, Spice Traders, and Sultans: Arguing over the Alms-Tax in the Mamluk Era
Blecher, Joel. (2020) - In: Islamic law and society vol. 27 (2020) p. 53-82

14Essay  Gelehrtes Recht oder gelebte Praxis? Kaufleute und ihre Vertreter im späten Mittelalter
Kypta, Ulla. (2020) - In: Imaginationen und Praktiken des Rechts. Literatur- und geschichtswissenschaftliche Perspektiven p. 103-118

15Essay  Unfälle, Räuber und Lawinen. Verletzungsgefahren reisender Pilger und Kaufleute im Mittelalter
Rohr, Christian. (2020) - In: Verletzungen und Unversehrtheit in der deutschsprachigen Literatur des Mittelalters p. 153-174

16Essay  Rethinking ‘The Two Italies': Circulation of Goods and Merchants between Venice and the ‘Regno' in the Late Middle Ages
Barile, Nicola Lorenzo. (2020) - In: Comparing two Italies. Civic tradition, trade networks, family relationships p. 117-138

17Essay  Migrating Words and Migrating Custom among the Geniza Merchants: Maimonides on Commercial Agency Law
Cohen, Mark R.. (2020) - In: Migrating words, migrating merchants, migrating law p. 13-27

18Monographie  Caliphs and merchants: cities and economies of power in the Near East (700-950)
Bessard, Fanny. - Oxford (2020)

19Articles  The Merchants' Saint: Thomas Becket among the Merchants of Hamburg
Lee, Jennifer. (2020) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association vol. 173 (2020) p. 174-182

20Essay  Merchants as political, social and cultural actors: Tallinn burgomaster Hans Viant (d. 1524)
Mänd, Anu. (2020) - In: Making Livonia. Actors and networks in the medieval and early modern Baltic Sea Region p. 251-278

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 2701