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1Monographie  Monastic Women and Secular Economy in Later Medieval Europe, ca. 1200 to 1500
Müller, Annalena. - London (2024)

2Collection of Essays  The Attributes of God in Islamic Thought. Contemplating Allah
Khalilizand, Mansooreh [Publ.]. - London (2024)

3Monographie  Christ the Physician in Late-Medieval Religious Controversy: England and Central Europe, 1350-1434
Outhwaite, Patrick. - Woodbridge (2024)

4Articles  La fuite des Iyad au " Pays des Romains ": une théorie de migration transfrontalière aux débuts de l'Islam
Pierre, Simon V.. (2024) - In: Arabica. Journal of arabic and islamic studies vol. 71 (2024) p. 181-229

5Collection of Essays  First in the Desert: St. Paul the Hermit in Text and Tradition
Agaiby, Elizabeth [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2024)

6Articles  Interpreting Monastic Cartularies in Northwest Europe, 900-1200: Thirty Years of Scholarship
Berkhofer, Robert F.. (2024) - In: Studia historica. Historia medieval vol. 42 (2024) p. 25-46

7Articles  An Invitation to Consider a Potential Arthur-figure Memorial Stone
Pennington, Guye. (2024) - In: Arthuriana vol. 34, 1 (2024) p. 61-78

8Essay  A Circumcising Mission to the Gentiles and Hazing Culture
Booth, Adam. (2024) - In: Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity. New conversations for health humanities p. 30-46

9Essay  Hagiography and "Mental Health" in Late Antique Monasticism
Dilley, Paul C.. (2024) - In: Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity. New conversations for health humanities p. 121-132

10Monographie  Burial and Memorial in Late Antiquity SET (Vol. 1-2)
Lavan, Luke. - Leiden [u.a.] (2024)

11Articles  Reforma, religión y política en torno a las Comunidades de Castilla (1520-1521)
Rizzuto, Claudio César. (2024) - In: E-Spania vol. 47 (2024)

12Collection of Essays  Christology revised: Kreuz, Auferweckung, Menschwerdung, 'Jesus Remembered'
Assel, HeinrichMcCormack, Bruce L. [Publ.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2024)

13Articles  La liturgia de nuestros antepasados: cómo rezaban los cristianos de la Andalucía medieval
Santana Cañas, David. (2024) - In: Andalucía en la historia vol. 83 (2024) p. 54-59

14Monographie  The Utrecht chronicle of the Teutonic order: a history of the crusades in the Holy Land, Prussia and Livonia
Stapel, RombertSaridjo, Christel. - London [u.a.] (2024)

15Collection of Essays  Disability, medicine, and healing discourse in early Christianity: new conversations for health humanities
Holman, Susan R.De Wet, Chris L.Zecher, Jonathan L. [Publ.]. - Abingdon [u.a.] (2024)

16Articles  Il carcere del corpo e la sanità dell'anima nell'Apologeticum di Tertulliano
Capone, Alessandro. (2024) - In: Classica & Christiana vol. 19 (2024) p. 77-94

17Articles  Religious crimes in the Acts of the collegium of the fratres arvales
Almansa Fernández, Marco. (2024) - In: Classica & Christiana vol. 19 (2024) p. 9-30

18Articles  El monasterio de San Clemente de Sevilla y el linaje de Guzmán: la voz de las religiosas frente al poder señorial a comienzos del siglo XIV
Carriazo Rubio, Juan Luis. (2024) - In: E-Spania vol. 47 (2024)

19Articles  Encountering the Internal Other: Non-Shii Family Members among the Imami Shia
Hayes, Edmund. (2024) - In: Medieval encounters vol. 30 (2024) p. 280-301

20Articles  Historical Insights into "Mutuality of Being": Marshall Sahlins's Kinship Theory in Early and Classical Islam
Nawas, John A.. (2024) - In: Medieval encounters vol. 30 (2024) p. 263-279

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 379427