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1Monographie  Benediktinische Stätten in Belgien, Luxemburg und den Niederlanden
Stephan, Walter. - Sankt Ottilien (2102)

2Articles  A Church without history? Luther and historical argument in the context of humanist polemics
Barral-Baron, Marie. (2021) - In: Renaissance studies vol. 35 (2021) p. 43-60

3Articles  Searching for the true religion: the Church History of the Magdeburg Centuries between critical methods and confessional polemics
Bollbuck, Harald. (2021) - In: Renaissance studies vol. 35 (2021) p. 100-117

4Articles  Zeugnisse jüdischen religiösen Lebens und antijüdischer Polemik im spätmittelalterlichen Erfurt: erste Ansätze zu einem jüdisch-christlichen Dialog
Bentzinger, Rudolf. (2021) - In: Mitteldeutsches Jahrbuch für Kultur und Geschichte vol. 28 (2021) p. 29-38

5Articles  Exegetical Puzzles and the Mystical Theologies of Gregory of Nyssa and Dionysius the Areopagite
Conway-Jones, Ann. (2021) - In: Vigiliae christianae vol. 75 (2021) p. 1-21

6Articles  Papato, curia romana e diocesi tra vecchi e nuovi schemi storiografici
D'Acunto, Nicolangelo. (2021) - In: Cristianesimo nella storia vol. 42 (2021) p. 61-85

7Monographie  Music, Liturgy, and Confraternity Devotions in Paris and Tournai, 1300-1550
Long, Sarah Ann. - Melton (2021)

8Essay  Jewish Prayer, Liturgy, and Ritual
Lieber, Laura Suzanne. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 477-494

9Articles  Picture and text: on the "iconography" of sacred spaces in middle-Byzantine ekphraseis
Daskas, Beatrice. (2020) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift vol. 113 (2010) p. 35-68

10Essay  Gender, Sex, and Witchcraft in Late Ancient Judaism
Ronis, Sara. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 391-404

11Essay  Rabbinic Gender: Beyond Male and Female
Kessler, Gwynn. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 353-370

12Essay  Crafting the Early Middle Ages: Creating Synergies between Re-enactors and Archaeologists: An interview with Adam Parsons and Stuart Strong
Parsons, AdamStrong, Stuart. (2020) - In: Digging into the Dark Ages. Early medieval public archaeologies p. 215-244

13Articles  First Crusade Letters and Medieval Monastic Scribal Cultures
Smith, Thomas W.. (2020) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 71 (2020) p. 484-501

14Essay  Gersonides' Responsa and Their Reception
Roth, Pinchas. (2020) - In: Gersonides' afterlife. Studies on the reception p. 311-341

15Articles  The Photisterion in Late Antiquity: Reconsidering Terminology for Sites and Rites of Initiation
Peppard, Michael. (2020) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 71 (2020) p. 463-483

16Articles  Der Transfer von Urkundenbeständen in das Monasterium Sancti Corbiniani auf dem Freisinger Burgberg. Ursachen und Bedeutung anhand der Überlieferungen im Freisinger Traditionsbuch des Cozroh
Krah, Adelheid. (2020) - In: Beiträge zur altbayerischen Kirchengeschichte vol. 60 (2020) p. 5-32

17Articles  "Extra Archam" santa Eulalia en Oviedo: Viajes de reliquias, "thesaurum" y legitimación del poder
Solano Fernández-Sordo, Álvaro. (2020) - In: Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia vol. 29 (2020) p. 311-346

18Articles  Gregorio de Tours y la hagiografía del siglo VI: Aproximaciones histórico-teológicas al libro "Sobre las virtudes de san Martín"
Aguirre Durán, Marcelo E.. (2020) - In: Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia vol. 29 (2020) p. 293-310

19Collection of Essays  Pilgrimage and economy in the Ancient Mediterranean
Collar, AnnaMyrup Kristensen, Troels [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

20Collection of Essays  The reception of Greek lyric poetry in the ancient world: transmission, canonization and paratext
Currie, BrunoRutherford, Ian [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 304343