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1Articles  Beautiful power: panegyric at the court of Emperor Henry III (1039-56)
Niblaeus, Erik. (2021) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 47 (2021) p. 1-21

2Essay  Sul rapporto tra habitus urbano e testo letterario in Dante
Klinkert, Thomas. (2021) - In: Klinkert, La modernità di Dante p. 173-184

3Articles  [Materials to the Catalog Description of Manuscripts Excerpted for Bibliotheca Homiletica Balcano-Slavica (BHomBS). I. Triodion Panegyric from the Hilandar Monastery No. 190]
Ivanova, Klimentina I.. (2021) - In: Palaeobulgarica vol. 45, 1 (2021) p. 3-36

4Monographie  "Dô sante got von himelrîch/ dar ein kleine vogelîn": Kommunikationsstrategie und Botschaftsvermittlung in ausgewählten mittelalterlichen literarischen Texten
Majorossy, Imre Gábor. - Berlin (2021)

5Essay  The Gestures of the Royal Figure According to the Literary Texts in the IXth-Xth Century in Bulgaria
Grigorov, Grigor. (2021) - In: Langages du pouvoir au Moyen Âge et au début de la modernité p. 263-269

6Monographie  Il testo dell'immagine: fonti letterarie per lo studio dell'arte medievale
Stella, Francesco. - Firenze (2021)

7Articles  Envisioning Adventus: Ammianus between Panegyric and Polemic
Ross, Alan J.. (2021) - In: Journal of late antiquity vol. 14 (2021) p. 97-116

8Articles  Staring at the Son: Strategies of Praise in Claudian's Panegyric on the Third Consulship of Honorius
Roche, Paul. (2021) - In: Journal of late antiquity vol. 14 (2021) p. 142-158

9Collection of Essays  Der Teufel und seine poietische Macht in literarischen Texten vom Mittelalter zur Moderne
Eming, JuttaFuhrmann, Daniela [Publ.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2021)

10Essay  'Wir sind anders': Juden, Griechen, Ägypter, Christen und ihre gegenseitige Wahrnehmung im Spiegel der antiken literarischen Quellen
Tilly, Michael. (2021) - In: Apologie, Polemik, Dialog. Religionsgespräche in der Christentumsgeschichte und in der Religionsgeschichte p. 41-57

11Articles  Panegyricus Latinus 12(9): Constantine's Religious Ideology
Drijvers, Jan Willem. (2021) - In: Journal of late antiquity vol. 14 (2021) p. 50-74

12Essay  Fel Temp Reparatio and Themistius' Oration 1: The Story of an Iconic Coin and a Career-Defining Panegyric
Watts, Edward. (2021) - In: Studies Alan Cameron p. 11-22

13Articles  Following in the Footsteps of Trajan: A Note on Traditional Emperorship in Late Fourth-Century Panegyric
Jussen, Dennis. (2021) - In: Classical philology vol. 116 (2021) p. 125-134

14Essay  Parodia amorosa: la Commedia in alcune novelle del Decameron
Cipriani, Giulia Maria. (2021) - In: I generi letterari nel tardo Medioevo p. 69-92

15Essay  Bedrohte Ordnungen in religiösen Kurzerzählungen
Ridder, Klaus. (2021) - In: Erzählte Ordnungen - Ordnungen des Erzählens p. 321-343

16Articles  Le novelle diaboliche del ms. Magliabechiano XXXVIII 121
Intreccialagli, Tommaso. (2020) - In: Medioevo letterario d'Italia vol. 17 (2020) p. 163-186

17Articles  [Selected Articles from the New Redaction Panegyrica (Toržestveniki) in the Miscellany No. 28 from a Moscow Private Collection]
Paskal, Alexander D.. (2020) - In: Scripta & e-scripta vol. 20 (2020) p. 99-118

18Monographie  Reform als Textstrategie: Untersuchungen zum literarischen Œuvre des Johannes Meyer O.P
Seebald, Christian. - Berlin [u.a.] (2020)

19Essay  Herakleios or Herakles? Panegyric and Pathopoeia in George of Pisidia's Heraklias
Mellas, Andrew. (2020) - In: Herakles Inside and Outside the Church. From the first Apologists to the end of the Quattrocento p. 116-132

20Articles  Pohvalni govor Pavla Paladinica za Fridrika Aragonskog (1496) [Pavao Paladinic's Panegyric for Frederick of Aragon (1496) ]
Jovanovic, Neven. (2020) - In: Radovi. Zavod za Hrvatsku Povijest vol. 52, 3 (2020) p. 321-345

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 3013