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1Essay  Devotional Compilations and Lollard Sanctity in a Fifteenth-Century Anthology
Rice, Nicole R.. (2020) - In: Late medieval devotional compilations in England p. 231-254

2Essay  Lollards and Religious Writings
Somerset, Fiona E.. (2019) - In: The Cambridge companion to Medieval English law and literature p. 167-177

3Essay  ‘Girde hyr wythe thys mesure': Birth Girdles, the Church, and Lollards
Morse, Mary. (2019) - In: Pregnancy and childbirth in the premodern world p. 135-170

4Essay  The Papacy, Secular Clergy and Lollardy
Lepine, David N.. (2019) - In: Historians on John Gower p. 243-270

5Articles  Resistance, Self-Defence, or Sticking Up for Your Friends? A Discussion of Purgation in the Prosecution of Fifteenth-Century Lollardy
Lewis, Esther. (2019) - In: Nottingham medieval studies vol. 63 (2019) p. 169-190

6Articles  Evasive Manoeuvers: Inquisitio and the Lollards
Harman, Erika. (2018) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies vol. 32 (2018) p. 127-175

7Articles  Sir Richard La Zouche - Another Lollard Knight?
Jurkowski, Maureen. (2017) - In: Nottingham medieval studies vol. 61 (2017) p. 171-196

8Articles  Forming Devotion in a Lollard Ave Maria Commentary
Rice, Nicole R.. (2017) - In: The yearbook of Langland studies vol. 31 (2017) p. 163-192

9Essay  Women and Lollardy: a reassessment
McSheffrey, Shannon. (2017) - In: Women in the Medieval world 1 p. 369-393

10Essay  Fighting Lollardy with the Rule: Thomas Netter and the Doctrinale
Alban, Kevin J.. (2017) - In: Celebrating St. Albert and his rule p. 109-118

11Articles  Conversational Lollardy: Reading the Margins of MS Bodley 978
Schirmer, Elizabeth. (2017) - In: Manuscript studies vol. 2 (2017) p. 328-368

12Articles  Treason, felony and Lollardy: a common petition in the hand of Richard Osbarn, clerk of the chamber of the Guildhall, 1400-c.1437
Killick, Helen. (2016) - In: Historical Research vol. 89 (2016) p. 227-245

13Monographie  A companion to Lollardy
Hornbeck, J. PatrickBose, MishtooniSomerset, Fiona E.. - Leiden (2016)

14Essay  "Die prophetische und mutige Antwort einer durch das Evangelium Jesu geprägten Gemeinschaft: Gemeinschaft und Individualität bei den (Neusser) Alexianer-Brüdern im Spiegel von Statuten und Zeugnissen aus über 500 Jahren
Haas, Reimund. (2016) - In: Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Wir p. 71-85

15Monographie  John Foxe's 'Acts and Monuments' and the lollard legacy in the long English Reformation
Royal, Susan Ann. - [University of Durham] (2014)

16Monographie  Feeling like saints: Lollard writings after Wyclif
Somerset, Fiona E.. - Ithaca, NY [u.a.] (2014)

17Essay  Lollard Views on Prelates
Hudson, Anne. (2014) - In: The prelate in England and Europe, 1300-1560 p. 277-294

18Essay  "Caritas Christi urget nos" - Mehr als 560 Jahre Archiv- und Rechtskontinuität der Alexianer-Brüder in Neuss
Haas, Reimund. (2014) - In: FS Rainer Polley (Archiv) p. 45-82

19Essay  John Foxe and some sources for Lollard history: notes for a critical appraisal
Thomson, John Aidan Francis. (2013) - In: Thomson, Piety and politics in Britain, 14th - 15th centuries Pt. VII p. 251-257

20Essay  Textual Transmission, Variance, and Religious Identity among Lollard Pastoralia
Somerset, Fiona E.. (2013) - In: Religious controversy in Europe 1378 - 1536 p. 71-104

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 340