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1Essay  Sex and priestly masculinity in late medieval Europe
Armstrong-Partida, Michelle. (2023) - In: Masculinités sacerdotales p. 251-277

2Essay  La virilité maternelle au XIIe siècle
Fontbonne, Alexis. (2023) - In: Masculinités sacerdotales p. 139-153

3Monographie  Patronage, Power, and Masculinity in Medieval England: A Microhistory of a Bishop's and Knight's Contest over the Church of Thame
Miller, Andrew G.. - Milton (2023)

4Collection of Essays  Masculinités sacerdotales
Mostaccio, Silvia [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2023)

5Essay  Pour une vision relationnelle et performative des masculinités sacerdotales
Mostaccio, Silvia. (2023) - In: Masculinités sacerdotales p. 11-20

6Essay  Is Diogenes in Love with a Eunuch? The Destabilising Power of Eros in the Letters of Theophylact Simocatta
Smith, Steven D.. (2023) - In: Ancient love letters. Form, themes, approaches p. 237-254

7Essay  Disorienting Masculinity: Movement, Emotion and Chivalric Identity in Partonope of Blois
Bonsall, Jane. (2023) - In: Medieval Mobilities. Gendered Bodies, Spaces, and Movements p. 139-164

8Essay  Begründungen männlicher und weiblicher Beschneidung im vormodernen Islam: Ibn Qaiyim al-Gauziya als Beispiel
Franke, Patrick. (2022) - In: Gebote - Verbote. Normen und ihr sozialer Sinn im Mittelalter p. 313-346

9Articles  Abolitio memoriae în antichitatea târzie - continuitate sau ruptura? Condamnarea la uitare a eunucului Eutropius [Abolitio memoriae in late antiquity - continuity or discontinuity? The condemnation of the eunuch Eutropius to oblivion]
Chilcos, Flavian-Pavel. (2022) - In: Classica & Christiana vol. 17 (2022) p. 443-504

10Articles  He was a Manly Man, to be an (Arch) Bishop Able: Transi tombs and Masculinity in Later Medieval England.
Bleeke, Marian. (2022) - In: Different visions vol. 8 (2022)

11Essay  Die Beziehungen zwischen dem männlichen und weiblichen Zweig des Dominikanerordens
Neidhardt, Stefanie Monika. (2022) - In: Zwischen Klausur und Welt p. 95-112

12Collection of Essays  Tradire Dante: riflessioni sull'enigma del male a partire dalla "Commedia" dantesca
Moretti, FilippoCerasi, Enrico [Publ.]. - Milano (2022)

13Articles  "In pulchritudinem": virilitas, crossdressing e mutilazioni del corpo femminile nel De mulieriebus claris di Bocaccio
Montanari, Angelica Aurora. (2022) - In: Studi medievali vol. 63 (2022) p. 589-615

14Articles  Representations of Hegemonic Masculinities in Medieval Leonese-Castilian and Almohad Chronicles
Jones, Linda Gale. (2022) - In: Speculum vol. 97 (2022) p. 737-774

15Monographie  Constance of France: manhood and Agency in Twelfth-Century Europe
Bom, Myra. - Cham (2022)

16Essay  Masculinidad y feminidad en el cuadro "Hércules y Ónfale", por Hans Cranach (1537)
Calvo Castellón, Antonio. (2022) - In: Fuentes para el estudio de historia de las mujeres p. 249-252

17Essay  Silencing the Sirens and Rethinking Masculinity in Machaut's Voir dit
McGrady, Deborah Lynn. (2022) - In: Essays Lawrence Earp p. 235-243

18Essay  'I Take Thee': Vittoria Colonna, Conjugal Verse and Male poeti colonnesi
McHugh, Shannon. (2022) - In: Vittoria Colonna. Poetry, religion, art, impact p. 331-350

19Monographie  Unmännlichkeit in den Isländersagas: zur narrativen Funktion von ergi und níð
Thoma, Sebastian. - Berlin [u.a.] (2022)

20Monographie  Unmännlichkeit in den Isländersagas: zur narrativen Funktion von ›ergi‹ und ›níð‹
Thoma, Sebastian. - Berlin [u.a.] (2022)

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