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1Articles  Donations, discipline and commemoration. Creating group identity in the transport workers guilds of mid fifteenth-century Riga
Strenga, Gustavs. (2022) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 48 (2022) p. 103-128

2Monographie  The Language of Jewellery: Dress-accessories and Negotiations of Identity in Scandinavia, c. AD 400-650/70
Røstad, Ingunn Marit. - Oslo (2021)

3Essay  Slaves in Early Scandinavian Society
Brink, Stefan. (2021) - In: Viking-Age slavery p. 75-98

4Essay  The Inviolable Right: Property and Power in Medieval Scandinavian Laws and Society
Sangriso, Francesco. (2021) - In: Law - Book - Culture in the Middle Ages p. 220-249

5Essay  Die materielle Kultur auf dänischen Burgen - Vielfalt und Qualität als soziales Kapital
Atzbach, Rainer. (2021) - In: Burgen im Ostseeraum und ihr europäischer Kontext p. 65-74

6Essay  Slavery in Viking Age Scandinavia: a Review of the Archaeological Evidence
Raffield, BenGardela, LeszekToplak, Matthias S.. (2021) - In: Viking-Age slavery p. 7-58

7Monographie  Skandinavien: die Geschichte des Nordens: Norwegen, Dänemark, Schweden: von den Wikingern bis zum Wohlfahrtsstaat
Schröder, Jens. - Hamburg (2021)

8Essay  Viking Age Scandinavia: a "Slave Society"?
Sigurðsson, Jón Viðar. (2021) - In: Viking-Age slavery p. 59-74

9Essay  The Norm and the Subaltern: Identifying Slaves in an Early Medieval Scandinavian Society
Kjellström, Anna. (2021) - In: The Archaeology of Slavery in Early Medieval Northern Europe. The Invisible Commodity p. 67-79

10Essay  Feminist Vikings, Ecological Gods, and National Warriors: The Reception of Old Norse Religion and Culture in Sweden
Gregorius, Fredrik. (2020) - In: Old Norse myths as political ideologies. Critical studies in the appropriation of medieval narratives p. 155-173

11Essay  Bioarchaeological aspects of the early stage of urbanization i Sigtuna, Sweden
Kjellström, Anna. (2020) - In: The bioarchaeology of urbanization p. 119-145

12Collection of Essays  Peasants, Lords, and State: Comparing Peasant Conditions in Scandinavia and the Eastern Alpine Region, 1000-1750
Iversen, ToreMyking, John RagnarSonderegger, Stefan (Historiker) [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

13Articles  Turning transport workers into Latvians? Ethnicity and transport workers' guilds in Riga before and after the Reformation
Strenga, Gustavs. (2020) - In: Journal of Baltic Studies (2020) p. ??

14Essay  Sigismund of Sweden as foreigner in his own kingdom: how the king of Sweden was made an alien
Sarti, Cathleen. (2020) - In: Dynastic change. Legitimacy and gender in medieval and early modern monarchy p. 86-102

15Essay  The Scandinavian Container at San Isidoro, León, in the Context of Viking Art and Society
Wicker, Nancy L.. (2020) - In: The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange p. 223-248

16Essay  Medieval Swedish Provincial Laws as Example of Resilience?
Pihlajamäki, Heikki. (2020) - In: Strategies, Dispositions and Resources of Social Resilience p. 201-218

17Essay  The dating of Ottarshögen and the emergence of monumental burial mounds in Middle Sweden
Hennius, AndreasLjungkvist, John. (2020) - In: Re-Imagining Periphery. Archaeology and Text in Northern Europe from Iron Age to Viking and Early Medieval Periods p. 91-102

18Articles  Medieval Masculinities and Violence: Weapon-Related Trauma in Skeletal Assemblages from Two Religious Houses in Iceland and Sweden
Sundman, Elin AhlinKjellström, Anna. (2020) - In: European journal of archaeology vol. 23 (2020) p. 567-584

19Monographie  I vichinghi e la morte: la ritualità funebre scandinava fra migrazione e stanzialità (sec. VIII-XI)
Chiolero, Davide. - Rimini (2020)

20Essay  Southern Scandinavia in the Migration Period - an Overview
Rau, Andreas. (2020) - In: The migration period between the Oder and the Vistula p. 627-648

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