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Descriptors: Qresqas, Hasdây (1340c-1410)

1Articles  Hasdai Crescas and Scholastic Philosophers on the Possible Existence of Multiple Simultaneous Worlds
Ackerman, Ari. (2017) - In: Aleph vol. 17 (2017) p. 139-154

2Essay  Bernat Metge and Hasdai Crescas: A Conversation
Harvey, Warren Zev. (2016) - In: Medieval textual cultures. Agents of transmission, translation and transformation p. 77-84

3Articles  No Reagent, No Reaction: The Barren Transmission of Avicennan Dynamics to Hasdai Crescas
Langermann, Yitzhak Tzvi. (2012) - In: Aleph vol. 12 (2012) p. 161-188

4Essay  Hasdai Crescas: Portrait of a Leader at a time of Crisis
Ben-Shalom, Ram. (2012) - In: The Jew in Medieval Iberia 1100 - 1500 p. 309-351

5Essay  Hasdai Crescas
Rudavsky, Tamar M.. (2011) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy. Philosophy between 500 and 1500 p. 454-456

6Essay  Nicole Oresme and Hasdai Crescas on Many Worlds
Harvey, Warren Zev. (2011) - In: Studies Gad Freudenthal p. 347-360

7Essay  Hasdai Crescas's Aristotle: Transmission, Translation, Transformation
Harvey, Warren Zev. (2011) - In: Vehicles of transmission, translation, and transformation in medieval textual culture p. 249-258

8Monographie  Lumière de l'éternel: Or Hachem / Hasdaï Crescas
Qresqas, Hasdây. Smilévitch, Éric [Publ.]. - Paris (2010)

9Monographie  R. Hasdai Kreskas [Rabbi Hisdai Crescas]
Harvi, Zeev. - Jerusalem (2010)

10Essay  Creation and the context of theology and science in Maimonides and Crescas
Davies, Daniel. (2010) - In: Creation and the God of Abraham p. 65-76

11Essay  Maimonides, Crescas, and Abravanel on Ex. 20:2: A Medieval Jewish Exegetical Dispute
Kellner, Menachem Marc. (2009) - In: Kellner, Science in the Bet Midrash p. 133-144

12Monographie  Herausgeforderte Identität: Kontextwandel am Beispiel von Moses Maimonides und Hasdai Crescas
Musall, Frederek. - Heidelberg (2008)

13Essay  "East and West in Hasdai Crescas: Some Reflections on History and Historiography"
Langermann, Yitzhak Tzvi. (2007) - In: Adaptations and innovations. Studies on the interaction between Jewish and Islamic thought p. 229-248

14Essay  Crescas, Hasdai (ca. 1340-ca. 1411)
Brown, Stephen F.. (2007) - In: Historical dictionary of medieval philosophy and theology p. 74-75

15Articles  A proper diet: Medicine and history in Crescas Caslari's Esther
Einbinder, Susan Leslie. (2005) - In: Speculum vol. 80 (2005) p. 437-463

16Essay  Hasday Crescas contre Maïmonide sur la preuve physique de l'existence de Dieu
Harvey, Warren Zev. (2004) - In: Maïmonide, philosophe et savant (1138-1204) p. 209-213

17Essay  Crescas, Hasdai
Roth, Norman. (2003) - In: Medieval Iberia. An encyclopedia p. 270-271

18Essay  Crescas's concept of time
Maccoby, Hyam. (2003) - In: Time and eternity. The medieval discourse p. 163-170

19Essay  Hasdai Crescas.
Rudavsky, Tamar M.. (2003) - In: A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages p. 293-295

20Essay  Hasdai Crescas and anti-Aristotelianism
Robinson, James T.. (2003) - In: The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy p. 391-413

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