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1Essay  Material Culture of the Second Temple Period (pre-70 ce)
Stern, Karen B.. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 105-126

2Monographie  Settlements and strongholds in early medieval England: texts, landscapes, and material culture
Bintley, Michael D. J.. - Turnhout (2020)

3Monographie  The Matter of Piety: Zoutleeuw's Church of Saint Leonard and Religious Material Culture in the Low Countries (c. 1450-1620)
Suykerbuyk, Ruben. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

4Articles  Late Medieval Sexual Badges as Sexual Signifiers: A Material Culture Reappraisal
Hinds, Sarah. (2020) - In: Medieval feminist forum vol. 55, 2 (2020) p. 170-191

5Articles  Globalization, trade, and material culture: Portugal's role in the making of a multicultural Europe (1415-1806)
Manuel Casimiro, TAnia. (2020) - In: Post-medieval archaeology vol. 54 (2020) p. 1-17

6Essay  How Do Jews Matter? Exploring Late-Ancient Mediterranean Jews and Jewishness Through Material Culture
Baker, Cynthia M.. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 127-144

7Essay  Fabrication et diffusion des manches de couteau à décor foliace: temoin de la culture materielle française de la fin du XVe à la première moitié du XVIe siècle
Soulat, Jean. (2020) - In: L'objet au Moyen Âge et à l'époque moderne p. 221-226

8Monographie  Medieval Women, Material Culture, and Power: Matilda Plantagenet and her Sisters
Jasperse, Jitske. - Leeds (2020)

9Essay  Material Culture of the Jews of Sasanian Mesopotamia
Mokhtarian, Jason Sion. (2020) - In: A companion to late ancient Jews and Judaism p. 145-165

10Essay  Objets, mobiliers, artefacts, materiel, portables et culture materielle: quelques reflexions en guise d'introduction
Verhaeghe, Frans. (2020) - In: L'objet au Moyen Âge et à l'époque moderne p. 15-27

11Essay  Dress and Material Culture
Bartels, VictoriaBond, Katherine. (2020) - In: A companion to late medieval and early modern Augsburg p. 440-469

12Articles  Debt, distraint, display and dead men's treasure: material culture in late medieval Aberdeen
Gemmill, Elizabeth. (2020) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 46 (2020) p. 350-372

13Collection of Essays  Approaches to the Medieval Self: Representations and Conceptualizations of the Self in the Textual and Material Culture of Western Scandinavia, c. 800-1500
Erksen, Stefka G.Langsholt Holmqvist, KarenBandlien, Bjørn [Publ.]. - Berlin [u.a.] (2020)

14Monographie  Reliquary tabernacles in fourteenth-century Italy. Image, relic and material culture
Williamson, Beth Ann. - Woodbridge (2020)

15Essay  Misunderstanding Ottoman Europe: the material culture of the borderlands in Renaissance depictions of the Ottoman world.
Radway, Robyn D.. (2019) - In: Schilde des Spätmittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit p. 377-386

16Essay  Blind Dating: towards a Chronology of Fifth-Century Material Culture in Augusta Raurica
Flückiger, Anna. (2019) - In: The fifth century. Age of transformation p. 65-78

17Essay  Introduction: towards a more holistic appreciation of the art, archaeology, and material culture of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus.
Olympios, Michales. (2019) - In: The art and archaeology of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus (1192-1571) p. 7-18

18Essay  Frontiers, identities and material culture in southern Italy
Arthur, Paul. (2019) - In: Longobardi. Un passato declinato al futuro p. 173-186

19Collection of Essays  My favourite things: object preferences in Medieval and Early Modern material culture.
Jaritz, GerhardMatschinegg, Ingrid [Publ.]. - Wien (2019)

20Essay  Revetments and Refuse: The booming economy and material culture of Carolingian Leiderdorp in the Rhine delta
Dijkstra, MennoVerhoeven, Arno A. A.. (2019) - In: Early medieval waterscapes. Risks and opportunities for (im)material cultural exchange p. 65-78

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 1036