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1Monographie  Gli acquedotti dell'antica Roma
Ashby, Thomas. - Roma (2991)

2Book Series Quaderni delle inscriptiones Medii Aevi Italiae
- Spoleto (2022 -)

3Essay  Cities and Civic Identities in Late Roman and Visigothic Spain
Kulikowski, Michael. (2022) - In: Civic Identity and Civic Participation in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages p. 195-212

4Essay  Investigating Livestock Practices in the Countryside of Roman Spain: An Archaeozoological Approach
Colominas, LidiaGallego-Valle, Abel. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 71-89

5Collection of Essays  Reading, writing and bookish circles in the ancient Mediterranean
Askin, Lindsey A.Allen, Garrick V.Norton, Jonathan D. H. [Publ.]. - London (2022)

6Collection of Essays  Explaining the Urban Boom. A comparison of regional city development in the Roman provinces of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula
Lehmann, J.Scheding, Paul [Publ.]. - Berlin (2022)

7Monographie  Struggles for power in the kingdom of Italy: the Hucpoldings, c. 850-c. 1100
Manarini, Edoardo. - Amsterdam (2022)

8Articles  Of digital surrogates and immaterial objects: the (digital) future of the Iberian manuscript in textual editing
Ward, Aengus. (2022) - In: Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies vol. 14 (2022) p. 41-54

9Essay  Roman Peasantry, Spatial Archaeology, and Off-site Survey in Hispania
García Sánchez, Jesús. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 143-167

10Essay  Villae and Farms: Early Imperial Rural Settlement in the Adaja-Eresma Basin (Central Roman Spain)
Sánchez Simón, Margarita. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 201-228

11Monographie  Come a Gerusalemme: reliquie, oggetti sacri e devozione nella Bologna medievale.
Borghi, Beatrice. - Roma (2022)

12Essay  Peasant Landscape in the Eastern Roman Spain. An Archaeological Approach to Territorial Organization and Economic Models
Grau Mira, Ignacio. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 91-110

13Essay  Del apogeo medieval al colapso tridentino: mujeres y cofradías en el reino de Sevilla entre los siglos XV y XVII
Pérez González, Silvia MaríaRuiz Berdejo Beato, Alberto. (2022) - In: Mujeres y hermandades. La feminización del mundo cofrade p. 63-82

14Essay  With the measure you use you will be measured back... Late Roman and Early Medieval Peasants in Central Spain on Examination
Vigil-Escalera Guirado, Alfonso. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 229-252

15Essay  Tota terra inhorruit ? Die Folgen der Eroberung Süditaliens für Klöster und Städte
Geis, Lioba. (2022) - In: Herrschaft über fremde Völker und Reiche. Formen, Ziele und Probleme der Eroberungspolitik im Mittelalter p. 215-246

16Essay  From Villa to Village? Relational Approaches within Roman and Medieval Iberian Rural Societies
Quirós Castillo, Juan Antonio. (2022) - In: The archaeology of peasantry in Roman Spain p. 253-276

17Essay  "Ordo Missalis Fratrum Minorum secundum Consuetudinem Romane Curie”: un prezioso codice del secolo XIII/XIV dall'Italia agli Stati Uniti
Pellegrini, Luigi. (2022) - In: Studies Rosalind B. Brooke p. 190-203

18Collection of Essays  A companion to medieval Pisa
Mathews, Karen RoseOrvietani Busch, SilviaBruni, Stefano [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

19Essay  Medieval confraternities in Abruzzo
Marino, Salvatore. (2022) - In: Confraternities in Southern Italy. Art, politics, and religion (1100-1800) p. 231-268

20Monographie  The Royal Workshops of the Alhambra: Industrial Activity in Early Modern Granada
García Porras, Alberto. - Woodbridge (2022)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 332928