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1Essay  Gerhard Marcks auf bildhauerischen Pfaden zwischen Griechenland und Auguste Rodin
Wiegartz, Veronika. (2022) - In: FS Ingo Herklotz p. 331-338

2Essay  Conversion and Christianization: Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Rus' (9th to 12th centuries)
Stefan, Ivo. (2022) - In: The Routledge handbook of East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1300 p. 101-120

3Essay  Maimonides’s LongJourney from Greek to Jewish Ethics
Friedberg, Albert Dov. (2022) - In: Accounting for the Commandments in Medieval Judaism p. 97-117

4Essay  Tearing Christ's Seamless Tunic? The ‘Eastern Schism' and Crusades against the Greeks in the Thirteenth Century
Chrissis, Nikolaos G.. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 229-250

5Essay  Dionysius of Halicarnassus' Thuc. 5.13-15: The Classical Canon and the Fragments of Early Greek Historia
Basile, Gaston Javier. (2022) - In: Fragmented Memory. Omission, Selection, and Loss in Ancient and Medieval Literature and History p. 77-101

6Articles  Alimentación y Medicina en la Edad Media: el largo viaje de la dietética griega a través de los textos
Santamaría Hernández, María Teresa. (2022) - In: eHumanista. Journal of Iberian Studies vol. 51 (2022) p. 135-155

7Collection of Essays  Intercultural encounters in medieval Greece after 1204: the evidence of art and material culture
Kalopissi-Verti, SophiaPhoskolu, Basilike [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

8Essay  A Gallery of Royal Effigies in Medieval Hungary and Its Genealogical Purpose
Lucherini, Vinni. (2022) - In: Meanings and functions of the ruler's image in the mediterranean World (11th-15th centuries) p. 294-328

9Essay  Callimachus* Epigrams Before the GreekAnthology: Indirect Tradition from the Imperial Age (1st-3rd century)
Grimaldi, Alessandra. (2022) - In: Fragmented Memory. Omission, Selection, and Loss in Ancient and Medieval Literature and History p. 55-76

10Essay  Centrality of the Periphery in Crusade Rhetoric: The Afterlife of the Crusade of Andrew II of Hungary
Berend, Nora. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith p. 281-290

11Essay  Die Einladung für den Deutschen Orden nach Ungarn (1211)
Pósán, László. (2022) - In: Akkon - Venedig - Marienburg. Mobilität und Immobilität im Deutschen Orden p. 16-30

12Essay  Greek
Agapitos, Panagiotis A.. (2022) - In: Literary beginnings in the European Middle Ages p. 255-275

13Essay  Über Moses und Homer, Gotteserkenntnis und Altersbeweis: Frühgriechische Philosophen bei Josephus
Schwab, Andreas. (2022) - In: Rezeptionen der Vorsokratiker von der Antike bis in die Gegenwart p. 237-264

14Essay  Göttliche Monstrosität. Pelor und die Grenzen des Anthropomorphen in der frühgriechischen Dichtung
Schlatter, Emrys. (2022) - In: Monster, Chimären und andere Mischwesen in den Text- und Bildwelten der Vormoderne p. 69-90

15Essay  From the Eurasian Steppes to Christian Europe: Bulgarians and Magyars in the Early Middle Ages
Ziemann, Daniel. (2022) - In: Empires to be remembered. Ancient Worlds through Modern Times p. 157-203

16Collection of Essays  Speech in ancient Greek literature
Bakker, Mathieu deDe Jong, Irene J. F. [Publ.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2022)

17Essay  From Multiple Residences to One Capital? Court Itinerance during the Regencies of Margaret of Austria and Mary of Hungary in the Low Countries (c. 1507-1555)
Meulder, Yannick de. (2022) - In: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe p. 217-240

18Essay  Byzantine Forms and Catholic Patrons in Late Medieval Transylvania
Nastasoiu, Dragos Gh.. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions p. 77-102

19Essay  An Empire of Graeco-Bactrians and Indo-Greeks?
Hoo, MilindaWiesehöfer, Josef. (2022) - In: Empires to be remembered. Ancient Worlds through Modern Times p. 273-298

20Collection of Essays  Experience, Narrative, and Criticism in Ancient Greece: Under the Spell of Stories
Grethlein, JonasHuitink, LuukTagliabue, Aldo [Publ.]. - Oxford (2022)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 51418