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Descriptors: Sexualität

1Essay  Érotisme et cosmologie: un monologue amoureux en vers léonins du XIIe siècle
Tilliette, Jean-Yves. (2023) - In: Le metafore dell'amicizia, dell'amore e della pace (secoli XI-XII) p. 111-129

2Articles  Representations of food and sexuality in Geoffrey Chaucer's fabliaux
Yakar, Azime Peksen. (2023) - In: Trakya Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi vol. 13 (2023) p. 13-22

3Articles  Sexualité et civilisation en islam
Benkheira, Mohammed Hocine. (2023) - In: Studia Islamica vol. 118 (2023) p. 133-138

4Essay  Sex and priestly masculinity in late medieval Europe
Armstrong-Partida, Michelle. (2023) - In: Masculinités sacerdotales p. 251-277

5Essay  In the Undergrowth: Llwyn a Pherth and Sexual Deviancy in Medieval Wales
Lloyd-Morgan, CeridwenRoberts, Sara Elin. (2023) - In: Women's literary cultures in the global Middle Ages. Speaking internationally p. 261-276

6Monographie  Sexuality in Medieval Europe ; doing unto others
Karras, Ruth MazoPierpont, Katherine. - London [u.a.] (2023)

7Essay  Women's Sexuality as Threat: Erotic Magic in Burchard of Worms' Corrector sive medicus
Lyth, Larissa de Freitas. (2023) - In: Becoming a Witch. Women and Magic in Europe during the Middle Ages and Beyond p. 81-113

8Articles  To and Fro Between Eros and Thanatos: What Where and the Death Drive
Lee, Joo-Yup. (2023) - In: Neophilologus vol. 107 (2023) p. 145-162

9Essay  The Use of Eros in Gregory of Nyssa's Homilies on the Song of Songs
Limone, Vito. (2023) - In: Progress in Origen and the Origenian tradition p. 113-126

10Essay  Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality in Mid-Century Medievalist Film: The Example of Becket (1964)
Lifshitz, Felice. (2023) - In: Lifshitz, Reading Gender p. [211-240]

11Essay  Féminine Sexuality and Subversion in a Crusade Lament, Chanterai por mon corage (RS 21)
Golden, Rachel May. (2023) - In: Représentations et voix de femmes face à la guerre sainte au Moyen Age p. 157-178

12Articles  Women, Marriage and Sex in Early Tudor Ireland: Evidence from an Irish Act Book
Jefferies, Henry A.. (2023) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History vol. 74 (2023) p. 259-283

13Articles  Pródromos, La vieja libidinosa (H 140). Una sátira bizantina en verso
Cavallero, Pablo Adrián. (2023) - In: Circe de clásicos y modernos vol. 27, 1 (2023) p. 171-194

14Articles  La femme de Putiphar, le viol et l'entrée en hétérosexualité: lectures de textes médiévaux et épistémologie féministe
Foehr-Janssens, Yasmina. (2023) - In: Médiévales vol. 84 (2023) p. 155-190

15Essay  Is Diogenes in Love with a Eunuch? The Destabilising Power of Eros in the Letters of Theophylact Simocatta
Smith, Steven D.. (2023) - In: Ancient love letters. Form, themes, approaches p. 237-254

16Monographie  Queering medieval Latin rhetoric: silence, subversion, and sexual heterodoxy
Townsend, David R.. - Toronto (2023)

17Essay  Marriage and Sexuality in China, 960-1368 CE
De Pee, Christian. (2023) - In: A companion to crime and deviance in the Middle Ages p. 102-117

18Monographie  Medioevo disvelato: fede, eros e autorappresentazione nei graffiti della Genova dei secoli XI-XIV.
Croce, Cristina. - Genova (2023)

19Essay  Erotik in der spätmittelalterlichen deutschen Marienlyrik
Kellner, Beate. (2023) - In: FS Laura Auteri p. 443-456

20Articles  The Hero in the Doorway: King Cynewulf of Wessex and His Analogues in Gesta Danorum
Wei, Zixuan. (2023) - In: Notes and queries vol. 70 (2023) p. 219-223

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 2406