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1Articles  From Huy to Primrose Hill: An Early Twentieth-Century English Re-Playing of a Fifteenth-Century Liégeois Nativity Play
Cowen, Janet M.. (2024) - In: Medieval English theatre vol. 45 (2024) p. 126-152

2Monographie  Die Räume der Witwe. Architektur und Funktion fürstlicher Witwensitze in der Frühen Neuzeit, 1450-1650
Syrer, Christa. - Heidelberg (2024)

3Articles  Chivalric Deaths in Battle in Late Medieval Castilia
Claussen, Samuel A.. (2024) - In: Nuova antologia militare vol. 5, 17 (2024) p. 383-408

4Articles  The Impact of Levantine Transit Trade on 15th-16th Century A.D. Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldova
Stefan, DariaSchubert, Lutz. (2024) - In: Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology vol. 7 (2024) p. 8-18

5Articles  Oaths of Fidelity: Loyalty and Officeholding in Late Medieval Durham
Brown, A. T.. (2024) - In: History. The Journal of the Historical Association vol. 109 (2024) p. 34-58

6Monographie  An Introduction to Literary Debate in Late Medieval France: From Le Roman de la Rose to La Belle Dame sans Mercy
McRae, Joan Elise. - Gainesville, Fla. (2024)

7Monographie  Ofen und Herd in Franken und der Oberpfalz: Kontinuität und Wandel der Formen und Nutzungen 1200-1960 ; Ein Bildhandbuch
Bedal, Konrad. - Bad Windsheim (2024)

8Articles  Servir al Señor. Una aproximación a las obligaciones militares de la sociedad castellano-leonesa durante el los siglos XII y XIII
Costa Hernández, Jorge Luis. (2024) - In: Nuova antologia militare vol. 5, 17 (2024) p. 217-242

9Collection of Essays  Rethinking the Renaissance and Reformation in Scotland: Essays in Honour of Roger A. Mason
Reid, Steven John [Publ.]. - Woodbridge (2024)

10Articles  The Papacy's Initial Response to the Ottoman Threat and Its Consequences (1453-1464)
Alenezi, MeshalAbdelfattah, Sanad. (2024) - In: Church history and religious culture vol. 104 (2024) p. 21-39

11Collection of Essays  Medieval Arms and Armour: A Sourcebook. 3 145-1500
Moffat, Ralph [Publ.]. - Woodbridge (2024)

12Monographie  Knowledge Exchanges Between Portugal and Europe Maritime Diplomacy, Espionage, and Nautical Science in the Early Modern World (15th-17th Centuries)
Vila-Santa, Nuno. - Amsterdam (2024)

13Articles  La integración de los judeoconversos en la sociedad cristiana en la región soriana en los siglos XV y XVI
Diago Hernando, Máximo. (2024) - In: Anales de la Universidad de Alicante. Historia medieval vol. 25 (2024) p. 159-182

14Essay  Playing the Crusade Card. Rhetorical References to Outremer and Iberian Crusades in the Conflict between the Teutonic Order and the Crown of Poland in the Early Fifteenth Century
Srodecki, Paul. (2024) - In: The Defence of the Faith. Crusading on the Frontiers of Latin Christendom in the Later Middle Ages p. 313-338

15Monographie  Onomantic Divination in Late Medieval Britain. Questioning Life, Predicting Death
Edge, Joanne. - Woodbridge (2024)

16Collection of Essays  Medieval Arms and Armour: A Sourcebook. 2: 1400-1450
Moffat, Ralph [Publ.]. - Woodbridge (2024)

17Collection of Essays  The Church and Northern English Society in the Fourteenth Century: the Archbishops of York and their Records
Dryburgh, PaulJones, Sarah Rees [Publ.]. - Woodbridge (2024)

18Collection of Essays  Giants and Dwarfs in European Art and Culture, ca. 1350-1750. Real, Imagined, Metaphorical
O'Bryan, RobinElse, Felicia M. [Publ.]. - Amsterdam (2024)

19Monographie  Christ the Physician in Late-Medieval Religious Controversy: England and Central Europe, 1350-1434
Outhwaite, Patrick. - Woodbridge (2024)

20Articles  Serial Production and Individualisation in Late Medieval Silk Weaving
Peter, Michael. (2024) - In: Medieval clothing and textiles vol. 18 (2024) p. 41-72

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 427973