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1Book Series Women in the Arts. New Horizons
- Turnhout (2023 -)

2Articles  Gender and Civic Harmony in Erasmus' Senatulus (The Council of Women)
Leushuis, Reinier. (2023) - In: Erasmus Studies vol. 43 (2023) p. 185-204

3Essay  Zenobia versus Mawia. A Note on Warrior Queens and Female Power in the Arab World
Dirven, Lucinda. (2023) - In: The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE) p. 65-87

4Essay  Reorienting Disorientation: Hildegard von Bingen's Depiction of the Female Body as Erotic, Fertile, and Holy
Cole, KaurenVictoria, Hannah. (2023) - In: Medieval Mobilities. Gendered Bodies, Spaces, and Movements p. 49-75

5Articles  The Feminine Irony of God
Battista, Ludovico. (2023) - In: Erasmus Studies vol. 43 (2023) p. 160-184

6Collection of Essays  Women and monastic reform in the Medieval West, c. 1000-1500: debating identities, creating communities
Hotchin, JulieThibaut, Jirki [Publ.]. - Martlesham (2023)

7Essay  L'altro Medioevo. Antropologia del comico, cultura popolare, letterature, immaginari erotici, identità femminili
Di Nuzzo, Annalisa. (2023) - In: Luci sul Medioevo. Età logica, età delle lingue d'Europa, età degli Studia generalia p. 296-311

8Essay  Putting women in order: a comparison of the medieval women religious of Ballymore-Loughsewdy and Premontre
Seale, Yvonne. (2023) - In: Brides of Christ. Women and monasticism in medieval and early modern Ireland p. 85-99

9Essay  Ricettari per la bellezza e per la cura femminile
Gavinelli, Simona. (2023) - In: The Search for Wellbeing and Health between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period p. 147-160

10Essay  Bringing Women into the Agonistic Sphere. Sport, Women and Festivals in the Greek World under Rome
Nijf, Onno M. van. (2023) - In: The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE) p. 127-157

11Essay  "Are Women Human?": Authority, Gender, and Dante in Dorothy L. Sayers's Scholarship
Brookman, Helen. (2023) - In: Thinking of the Middle Ages. Midcentury intellectuals and the Middle Ages p. 190-211

12Monographie  Beyond the Monastery Walls: Lay Men and Women in Early Medieval Legal Formularies
Brown, Warren Curtis. - Cambridge (2023)

13Articles  Models of female education and household management. Noblewomen in a rural context (Friuli, 16th-18th centuries)
Casella, Laura. (2023) - In: Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome. Moyen Âge vol. 135, 1 (2023) p. 119-135

14Essay  Weibliche Handlungsspielräume im normannischen Süditalien: Die Regentschaft der Gräfin Adelasia von Kalabrien und Sizilien (1101-1112)
Becker, Julia. (2023) - In: Regentinnen und andere Stellvertreterfiguren. Vom 10. bis zum 15. Jahrhundert p. 69-84

15Essay  Les interférences attributives " du genre » dans la tradition des chansons lyriques à voix féminine en langue d 'oïl
Gatti, Luca. (2023) - In: Représentations et voix de femmes face à la guerre sainte au Moyen Age p. 29-38

16Collection of Essays  Riflessi di porpora: declinazioni di potere femminile tra Rome, Bisanzio e l'Occidente Medievale
Chiriatti, Mattia CosimoVallejo Girvés, Margarita [Publ.]. - Spoleto (2023)

17Essay  La ghiacciaia del monastero femminile di Santa Chiara a Padova, sulle tracce della grancia cittadina delle clarisse
Valenzano, Giovanna. (2023) - In: Studi Roberto Coroneo (2023) p. 151-159

18Essay  Empresses Taking Charge. The Powerful Women of the Severan House in the Literary Sources
Icks, Martijn. (2023) - In: The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE) p. 46-64

19Articles  Searching for Professional Women in the Mid to Late Roman Textile Industry
Kelley, Anna C.. (2023) - In: Past and Present vol. 258 (2023) p. 3-43

20Articles  Exploring misogyny in modern Muslim societies: the influence of Greek philosophy on Qur'anic exegesis
Lala, Ismail. (2023) - In: Islam and Christian Muslim Relations vol. 34 (2023) p. 31-52

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 6542