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1Monographie  Non Angli sed angeli: kult svatých v latinské literature rane stredoveké Anglie
Polehlová, Helena. - Cervený Kostelec (2912)

2Book Series Rulers of the Latin East
- London [u.a.] (2022 -)

3Book Series Medieval documentary cultures
- Martlesham (2022 -)

4Collection of Essays  "Omnium magistra virtutum": studies in honour of Danuta Shanzer
Cain, AndrewHays, Gregory [Publ.]. - Turnhout (2022)

5Monographie  Disease and society in premodern England
Theilmann, John M.. - Milton Park [u.a.] (2022)

6Essay  A Profile of the Friars Minor in the Compilatio Assisiensis and the De adventu Fratrum Minorum in Angliam: Some Comparisons and Contrasts
Robson, Michael J. P.. (2022) - In: Studies Rosalind B. Brooke p. 253-284

7Essay  Prospect and protect: syntironomy and cereals in early medieval England
Hamerow, Helena F.McKerracher, Mark James. (2022) - In: New Perspectives on the Medieval 'Agricultural Revolution'. Crop, Stock and Furrow p. ??

8Essay  The Anonymous Kings of England and the Significance of its Material Form
Connolly, Margaret. (2022) - In: Essays Linne R. Mooney p. 222-240

9Monographie  Forgeries and historical writing in England, France, and Flanders, 900-1200
Berkhofer, Robert F.. - Martlesham (2022)

10Monographie  Art and the Formation of Early Medieval England
Karkov, Catherine E.. - Cambridge (2022)

11Monographie  Banishment in the Late Medieval Eastern Netherlands: Exile and Redemption in Kampen
Frankot, Edda B. I.. - Oxford (2022)

12Monographie  Histoire du Moyen Age: particulièrement la France du V° à la fin du XIII° siècle (395-1270): cours de troisième
Dauban, Charles-AiméGrégoire, Louis. - Lyon (2022)

13Articles  Authors, Collators, and Forgers: Recovering Rabbinic Culture in Late Medieval Avignon
Roth, Pinchas. (2022) - In: The Jewish quarterly review vol. 112 (2022) p. 31-59

14Essay  Conquest, Cartography and the Development of Linear Frontiers during Henry VIII's Invasion of France in 1544-1546
Murphy, Neil W.. (2022) - In: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe p. 199-217

15Essay  Friends and neighbours in high medieval England: a hagiographical perspective
Bailey, Anne E.. (2022) - In: The experience of neighbourhood in medieval and early modern Europe p. 175-188

16Essay  Narrative Jewellery. Mythological Creatures in Two Sixteenth-Century Jewels from the Low Countries
Leerink, MargotSpaans, Nicole. (2022) - In: Essais Paul J. Smith p. 50-62

17Monographie  A sacred vertigo: pilgrimage and tourism in Rocamadour, France
Weibel, Deana L.. - Lanham (2022)

18Monographie  Global Perspectives on Early Medieval England
Jolly, Karen Louise. - Woodbridge (2022)

19Monographie  Barbarisches Mittelalter und Kultur der Renaissance: Darstellung und epochale Konfiguration italienischer Geschichte in ausgewählten Texten der französischen Literatur von Mme de Staël bis Taine.
Tichy, Susanne. - Heidelberg (2022)

20Monographie  Humanism, capitalism, and rhetoric in early modern England: the separation of the citizen from the self
Hunter, Lynette. - Berlin [u.a.] (2022)

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 264957